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May 1 - May 7

Weekly Meal Plan: May 1 - May 7  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Notes: If you don't have the time to make homemade bread just make up a tube of store bought refrigerator biscuits to serve.
Grilled Tri-Tip Roast

grilled tri-tip roast

When rubbed with the tasty blend of seasonings and basted with the tangy sauce in this recipe, a tri-tip roast becomes a flavorful treat that is guaranteed to be among your favorite grilled beef recipes.
Grilled Rosemary Potatoes

grilled rosemary potatoes

Red potatoes are exceptionally good when cooked on the grill, but when the potatoes are enhanced with a coating of olive oil, salt and pepper, and a generous amount of fresh rosemary, the grilled red potatoes are even better.
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cauliflower gratine

If your looking for something different from the regular side dishes, here you go. This dish can be made a day in advance and bake when you need to.
Multigrain Bread

multigrain bread

Although it takes about 3 hours to produce home made bread (and much of this is rising time), it is not difficult--and the results are well worth the time spent. Makes one large or two small loaves.
Coconut Cream Dessert

coconut cream dessert

A delicious dessert that any coconut lover is sure to enjoy!

Day 2


Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

slow cooked pulled pork

Classic pulled pork makes great sandwiches that are perfect for feeding a large group.
Mamas Mac and Cheese

mama's mac and cheese

It's a yummy and delightful treat that could be eaten any time.
Cereal Raisin Cookie

cereal raisin cookie

Filled with chewy goodness, this cookie is sure to please.

Day 3


Beef Fajitas

beef fajitas

Fresh ingredients and a mildly flavored marinade highlight these wonderful, easy to prepare wraps filled with grilled beef, onions, and peppers.
Mexican Chipotle Brownies

mexican chipotle brownies

Chocolate brownies with a hint of cinnamon and spiciness.

Day 4


Italian Sausage and Pasta Bake

italian sausage and pasta bake

Full-flavored Italian sausage, tender sauteed vegetables, and smooth, mellow cheese combine in this splendid pasta dish.
Broccoli Side Dish

broccoli side dish

A low carb side dish that goes together in minutes.
Garlic Bread

garlic bread

Great addition to any meal.

Day 5


Chicken Enchiladas

chicken enchiladas

A creamy, satisfying enchilada that is sure to please.
Mexican Corn Cakes

mexican corn cakes

A fun way to use left over corn on the cob.
Homemade Canned Salsa

homemade canned salsa

Homemade salsa is the perfect way to enjoy your garden harvest throughout the year. Use tomatoes, green peppers, and jalapeno peppers fresh from your garden to make this fantastic canned salsa to enjoy the entire year. Make fresh salsa to enjoy during the harvest season.
Caramel Flan

caramel flan

Serve this custard-like dessert recipe as a light alternative to conclude a heavy meal. The sweet caramel topping is a tasty complement to the smooth richness of the vanilla custard base.

Day 6


Fish Fillets in Creamy Dill Sauce

fish fillets in creamy dill sauce

Cod or any mild flavored fish is enhanced by this rich lemony sauce with a hint of dill.
Instant Cheese Potatoes

instant cheese potatoes

This recipe is a great way to add some extra flavor to instant potatoes. Your family won't settle for plain potatoes anymore.
Sugar Snap Pea Cole Slaw

sugar snap pea cole slaw

The sugar snap peas add a fresh sweet flavor to this quick and easy cole slaw recipe that makes a perfect summer side dish.
Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

chocolate chip cupcakes

Similar to a ho-ho. These freeze perfectly, too.

Day 7


Spiced Grilled Chicken with Basmati Rice

spiced grilled chicken with basmati rice

Cinnamon and allspice give this grilled chicken an exotic quality; while the chicken stock, craisins, and raisins provide interest and added flavor to the accompanying basmati rice in this recipe.
Grilled Asparagus

grilled asparagus

The next time you plan on serving asparagus with grilled meat, fish, or poultry, consider grilling the asparagus as well. Grilling gives the flavor of asparagus an added dimension that can't be matched with any other cooking method.
Orange Tapioca Salad

orange tapioca salad

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