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Memorial Weekend

Weekly Meal Plan: Memorial Weekend  by jwc

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Day 1


Grilled Marinated Chicken

grilled marinated chicken

With a limited but tasty blend of ingredients, the marinade for this excellent grilled chicken recipe produces chicken that is ultra-tender and packed with flavor. Serve it with grilled asparagus and sweet potatoes for a complete meal.
Packet Potatoes

packet potatoes

These potatoes are great grilled and served next to a steak! A must for camping trips!
Broccoli Side Dish

broccoli side dish

A low carb side dish that goes together in minutes.

Day 2


Morning Breakfast Burritos

morning breakfast burritos

Eggs, sausage, cheese, and tomatoes wrapped in a tortilla shell makes a delicious, quick, on the go breakfast. Running late? . . . Grab your breakfast burrito and eat it on the run. You won't be late and you can still enjoy your breakfast.


Grilled Shrimp Pizza

grilled shrimp pizza

The next time you're hungry for a pizza, try this creative grilled version featuring shrimp, green onions, chili sauce, and cheese. The unique flavor provided by grilling makes this pizza recipe irresistible.


Beef Kebabs on the Grill

beef kebabs on the grill

This grilled kebab recipe features chunks of beef tenderloin and plenty of assorted vegetables, all marinated in a vibrant mixture of ingredients. To save money, cut up a top round roast rather than using the tenderloin.
Grilled Potatoes

grilled potatoes

These taste similar to a french fry but with added grill flavor.
Peanut Butter Banana Boat

peanut butter banana boat

Kids (and probably most adults) will love this scrumptious adaptation of the popular banana split ice cream treat. Top it any way you like, but mini chocolate chips seem to go so well with the peanut butter.

Day 3


Stuffed French Toast

stuffed french toast

Any fruit combination can be used in preparing this extraordinary French toast. The sweet, cinnamon-flavored cream cheese filling makes this recipe extra special for a Mother's Day brunch or any time you want a special holiday breakfast.


Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Appetizer

bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer

Using the meaty flavor of bacon combined with the succulent taste of cooked shrimp, this appetizer provides a delicious item for any occasion.
Creamy Asparagus Wraps

creamy asparagus wraps

If you like asparagus you will love this snack.


Grilled Turkey Tenderloins with Rosemary

grilled turkey tenderloins with rosemary

If you're looking for a delicious and healthy way to grill up a light summer dinner, try this delicious entrée of turkey tenderloins flavored with a refreshing citrus and rosemary marinade. This easy recipe transforms plain turkey into a tasty dish packed with flavor.
Lemon Pasta with Grilled Asparagus

lemon pasta with grilled asparagus

Take ordinary pasta; coat it with a refreshing lemon and oil sauce; toss it with fresh basil, Romano cheese, and grilled asparagus; and you have a fantastic, satisfying dish.

Day 4


Easy Breakfast Sandwich

easy breakfast sandwich

Start your day off right with this easy to prepare sausage and egg sandwich. Make your breakfast sandwich extra special by adding tomatoes, avocados or mushrooms. Use our Tips and Advice for instructions on making scrambled eggs.


BLT Salad

blt salad

The salad version of the classic BLT sandwich with a tangy tomato dressing.


Mexi Burgers

mexi burgers

With the great taste of a seasoned ground pork and turkey mixture grilled to perfection and topped with cheese and a flavorful chipotle mayonnaise, these aren't your typical spicy burgersâ€"a delicious alternative to the usual ground beef hamburgers.
Grilled Potato Salad

grilled potato salad

A potato salad not only made with grilled potatoes but also grilled onions and grilled peppers and seasoned with a southwestern flair. Our Grilled Spareribs and this Grilled Potato Salad make a great combination for any cookout with family and friends.
Raspberry Nectarine Cake

raspberry nectarine cake

A wonderful dessert using fresh fruit of the season.
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