How to Cut a Watermelon

Wash your hands before you begin. Using a kitchen brush to remove any excess dirt, wash the watermelon under cold water.

Always use a sharp kitchen knife and a secure cutting surface when preparing watermelon.

To cut watermelon into cubes, begin by removing both ends of the watermelon. Stand the watermelon vertically on the cutting surface.

Choose a side and begin to slice downward to cut the rind off, slicing all the way to the opposite end of the watermelon. The first slice of rind tends to remove more watermelon flesh than the remaining slices of rind. Continue until all of the rind has been removed.

Make 4-6 even, vertical slices across the watermelon, stopping halfway through. Now make 4-6 even, vertical slices, perpendicular to the previous slices, stopping halfway down the watermelon. This will form a pattern of squares on the top of the watermelon.

Once you have created a criss-cross pattern halfway through the watermelon, slice the watermelon horizontally to create the cubed pieces. Continue down the watermelon until you reach the halfway point. You will then need to repeat the process with the remaining watermelon, this time slicing and stopping approximately 2-inches from the bottom of the watermelon.


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