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April 1 - 7, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan: April 1 - 7, 2012  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Simple Roasted Turkey

simple roasted turkey

Simple Mashed Potatoes

simple mashed potatoes

Rich Turkey Gravy

rich turkey gravy

Served over mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey, this gravy will be perfect. Try putting some freezer corn in the mashed potatoes well and topping it off with this gravy.
Original Green Bean Casserole

original green bean casserole

No need to mess with a good thing when the original green bean casserole is perfect without adding anything else to it. This is a must around our house with mashed potatoes.
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raspberry jello

Ambrosia Cake

ambrosia cake

An angel food cake with lots of fresh flavor. The pineapple, mandarin oranges, and toasted coconut give this cake recipe a tropical flair. Learn how to toast coconut to use for this recipe and others, such as our Hawaiian Dessert recipe.

Day 2


Marinated Beef on a Bun

marinated beef on a bun

Robust sandwiches that are warm and hearty.
Rotini Pasta Salad

rotini pasta salad

A great summer salad that can be served as a side dish or a stand-alone meal. The crab meat, broccoli, and tomatoes all contribute to the irresistible flavor of this salad recipe. This recipe calls for rotini pasta but other pasta shapes could be substituted.
Best Ever Baked Beans

best ever baked beans

Full of richness and slow cooked flavor, these baked beans are the perfect side to barbecued foods.

Day 3


Slow Cooker Ham and Sweet Potatoes

slow cooker ham and sweet potatoes

Enjoy this slow cooker recipe of ham and sweet potatoes that has a hint of sweet-tangy, citrusy flavor. This slow cooker ham recipe mixes convenience with great taste. Search our site for more easy slow cooker recipes.
Broccoli Bake 7

broccoli bake 7

Smores Cookies

s'mores cookies

All the flavor of those campfire treats but none of the mess. Make them up and hand them out. No fussing over waiting for a marshmallow stick. They taste great, too.

Day 4


Wild Rice Chicken Salad

wild rice chicken salad

This delectable salad is the perfect dish for using leftover wild rice and chicken. With a variety of flavors and textures, this light and healthy salad is sure to become one of the most popular chicken salad recipes.
Basic French Bread

basic french bread

Bread-making may seem difficult, but the process is really quite simple and the actual working time is minimal, especially when using a food processor. Although the aroma of baking bread is a reward in itself, the satisfaction of serving up the finished product is the real payoff.
Vanilla Cola

vanilla cola

Simple, tasty idea to give added flavor to your favorite cola.

Day 5


Easy Taco Meatloaf

easy taco meatloaf

Jazz up your regular meatloaf with a little taco seasonings. Cheese and taco shells are added in to put this Mexican inspired meatloaf over the edge.
Mexican Corn

mexican corn

Add a little Mexican flare to your meal with this super easy sidedish.
Spanish Rice

spanish rice

A rice side dish that goes perfectly beside any Mexican entree. This rice isn't too spicy or doesn't have too much tomato but is full of flavor. You won't have any rice leftover when you make this.
Corn Bread Muffins with Chilies

corn bread muffins with chilies

A dense corn muffin that has a little something extra with the green chilies. Cream style corn add a little more texture where the sour cream keeps everything moist and delicious.

Day 6


Notes: A simple toss salad could be substituted for the Caesar salad if desired.
Cheesy Vegetable Spaghetti Pie

cheesy vegetable spaghetti pie

This recipe is a great way to utilize leftovers in your refrigerator. If using leftover cooked spaghetti, use about 3 1/2 cups. Use other veggies you might have, including broccoli florets or cooked cubed potatoes.
Quick Italian Breadsticks

quick italian breadsticks

Everyone will enjoy these freshly seasoned, buttery, hot-out-of-the oven breadsticks with Italian classics like Chicken Parma or Lasagna Formaggio.
Simple Caesar Salad

simple caesar salad

Don't be afraid of the anchovies. They add the nuttiness and saltiness for the perfect Caesar salad dressing.

Day 7


Grilled Stuffed Flank Steak

grilled stuffed flank steak

Perfect for the grill, this steak is packed with flavor.
Roasted Potatoes  Sweet Potatoes

roasted potatoes & sweet potatoes

A colorful side dish for dinner. The potatoes and sweet potatoes are seasoned with a sweet and spicy mixture that you're sure to love.
Sautéed Asparagus

sautéed asparagus

Quick, easy, and tasty.
Easy Cabbage Salad

easy cabbage salad

This crunchy sweet-and-sour salad, a favorite with kids, lends itself to endless variations. For instance, try adding celery, chopped apples or raisins.
Lemon Cheesecake

lemon cheesecake

Do you love lemon flavor? You will get plenty of it in this light and creamy cheesecake recipe that is bursting with lemon and featuring a graham cracker crust that is scrumptious.
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