Salsa Recipes

Salsa Recipes
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Salsa can be made in endless varieties using countless different ingredients. Although it is technically a type of sauce, this Mexican creation is most often used as a condiment, appetizer, snack food, or accompaniment for meat, poultry, and fish recipes.
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"Among the many types of traditional Mexican salsa recipes, some of the most popular include Salsa Cruda, which means raw sauce, also known as Pico de Gallo, made with chopped tomatoes and onions; Salsa Verde, which means green sauce, prepared with cooked tomatillos; Salsa Negra, which means black sauce, prepared with dried chili peppers, oil, and garlic; Guacamole, a sauce in which the primary ingredient is avocados; and Mango Salsa, prepared with fresh mangoes and peppers, which has become very popular as an accompaniment for fish and poultry, especially in the United States where the sweet and spicy flavor combination of this fruit salsa recipe is highly favored.

RecipeTips.com offers numerous varieties of this versatile Mexican favorite. Whether you are looking for a spicy salsa recipe to accompany tortilla chips or to use as an accompaniment for beef or pork, or whether you would like a recipe for a mild salsa to serve as an appetizer or to use as a topping for grilled salmon, RecipeTips.com has a wide range of excellent salsa recipes for any taste."
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"Wow! I didn't know there were so many different salsa recipes. Looks like you can make salsa out of almost anything. My husband and kids love salsa so I will have to try some of them. I am not crazy about them because most of them have onions and I don't like onions."
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