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St. Patrick's Day

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Smoked Salmon on Irish Soda Bread

smoked salmon on irish soda bread

The ingredients used for this distinctive canapé provide a wonderful blend of flavors that make this appetizer so irresistible. The moist soda bread, filled with raisins and caraway, perfectly complements the flavors of the chive and onion cream cheese topping and the smoky salmon sprinkled with dill.

Main Course

Corned Beef

corned beef

This corned beef recipe is one in which the corned beef brisket and only a few other ingredients, used as seasonings, are simmered for several hours in a pot of water, resulting in a fork-tender and flavorful slow-cooked corned beef dish.


Colcannon with Bacon

colcannon with bacon

An Irish dish made of potatoes and cabbage that is great for St. Patrick's Day or any time of the year. The bacon adds extra flavor to this Colcannon recipe.
Grilled Lemon Carrots

grilled lemon carrots

In this recipe, lemon lends its refreshing taste to the flavor of sweet carrots, which are made even more flavorful by grilling. Try this simple but tasty side dish as an accompaniment for grilled chicken or pork chops.


Pistachio Pie

pistachio pie

This no-bake pie is just about as easy to make as it can be. With a pistachio pudding filling atop a graham cracker crust, this is one of those pie recipes that will make your St. Patrick's Day meal festive and delicious.


Hot Toddy

hot toddy

This classic drink hits the spot on a cold winter evening. Serve it to your holiday guests as a warm, tasty nightcap.
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