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February 11 - 17, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan: February 11 - 17, 2018  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Mustard Crusted Stuffed Pork Loin

mustard crusted stuffed pork loin

Impress your guests with this centerpiece. This pork loin is full of flavor both inside and out. Your kitchen will smell delicious as this cooks. Don't forget to serve the pan juices with it.
Golden Scalloped Potatoes

golden scalloped potatoes

The cheesy taste of this dish gets an extra boost of flavor from the Yukon Gold potatoes. This scalloped potato recipe along with many other potato casserole dishes on our site are perfect with ham recipes. Learn All About Potatoes.
Oven Roasted Broccoli with Parmesan

oven roasted broccoli with parmesan

Crispy breadcrumbs add that little bit of crunch that goes so perfectly with the crisp yet tender broccoli. Seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper, you'll make this vegetable over and over again.
French Vanilla Snicker Salad

french vanilla snicker salad

Easy Cake Brownies

easy cake brownies

An easy to make brownie with a rich soft texture; perfect for a Valentine's Day treat. For Valentine's Day fun, let the kids help cut out and decorate these Easy Cake Brownies. Check out the site for more fun recipes for kids.

Day 2


Turkey Kielbasa and Vegetable Casserole

turkey kielbasa and vegetable casserole

The colorful medley of ingredients in this stovetop casserole create a delicious blend of complementary flavors.
Beer Bread 83

beer bread 83

A hearty bread that is easy to make and perfect to serve with soup, chili, stew, or spaghetti. Made with staple ingredients, it is easy to make anytime you would like to serve special bread with your meal.
Ice Cream Sandwich Surprise

ice cream sandwich surprise

A simple to make ice cream dessert that makes the perfect treat at the end of any meal. It has ice cream sandwiches on the bottom topped with whipped topping, caramel, and crushed butterfingers to create a special treat no one will be able to resist.

Day 3


Grilled Porterhouse Steaks with Garlic-Herb Peppercorn Crust

grilled porterhouse steaks with garlic-herb peppercorn crust

This recipe is an excellent source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, iron and zinc; and a good source of selenium.
Sliced Oven Baked Potatoes

sliced oven baked potatoes

Delicious butter baked potatoes. All peeled and ready to eat, these potatoes make a great side to steaks, pork chops, chicken, and fish.
Lettuce Salad

lettuce salad

Crispy lettuce salad with cauliflower and bacon for a boost of flavor and extra crunch. A simple dressing allows all the flavors to come through.
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

chocolate dipped strawberries

Tart strawberries dipped in chocolate is an elegant and simple dessert to impress your loved one. Perfect for Valentines day or any special occasion.

Day 4


Grilled New York Strip

grilled new york strip

Full of flavor, this steak will satisfy.
Roasted Red Potatoes

roasted red potatoes

Roasted to a tender texture and seasoned with flavorful herbs, this potato dish is a delicious and easy way to prepare small red potatoes. You can also try potato salad recipes as another way to benefit from the great taste of small red potatoes.
Simple Caesar Salad

simple caesar salad

Don't be afraid of the anchovies. They add the nuttiness and saltiness for the perfect Caesar salad dressing.
Chocolate Chocolate Cake

chocolate chocolate cake

Chocolate lovers will be ecstatic over this fantastic bundt cake loaded with chocolate chunks and glazed with a chocolate caramel icing. See our collection of delectable chocolate cakes for more recipes you can make for that special someone in your life.

Day 5


Idaho Tacos

idaho tacos

A Mexican version of a classic baked potato. Leftover taco fixings will make this second meal a pleasant surprise. Top with any other toppings you prefer.
Mexican Hot Cheese Dip

mexican hot cheese dip

Two types of processed cheese, tomatoes, and spicy cooked sausage are combined in this simple, easy-to-prepare Mexican-style appetizer. This crowd-pleasing party dip recipe is perfect when paired with tortilla chips or toast points.
Cinnamon Tortilla Crisps

cinnamon tortilla crisps

A sweet, crunchy snack that can garnish ice cream desserts or be garnished with slices of cheese.

Day 6


Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry

chicken broccoli stir fry

A tasty Asian stir fry that you can make at home. This is loaded with flavor and color.
Baked White Rice

baked white rice

Baking is a method that is not often considered for preparing rice, but when you are using the oven to prepare dishes to accompany rice, why not bake the rice in the oven as well? This method produces excellent results.
Chicken and Vegetable Egg Roll

chicken and vegetable egg roll

Perfect for an appetizer or a light lunch, these tasty egg rolls feature a chicken filling with a mild, slightly sweet flavor.
Twice as Nice Almond Cookies

twice as nice almond cookies

Almonds, almonds everywhere! Within the dough, a splash of almond extract gives these quick-to-make cookies a wonderfully nutty flavor, and on the outside, the dough is rolled in chopped almonds. (And you don't have to tell a soul that these little delicacies start from a prepared mix!)

Day 7


OLD BAY#174 Crab Cakes

old bay® crab cakes

If you like Maryland crab cakes, you will love this classic recipe featuring fresh lump crabmeat that is sensationally seasoned with OLD BAY Seasoning.
Broccoli Cauliflower and Rice Casserole

broccoli, cauliflower and rice casserole

This dish is a great side dish to accompany any meal. You can make it a day or two in advance, too. Who doesn't love cheesy broccoli and cauliflower?
Simple Garlic Bread

simple garlic bread

Moist Carrot Cake

moist carrot cake

This has the perfect ratio of frosting to cake, if you like frosting! The cake is super moist and with the sweet cream cheese frosting it is amazing.
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