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July 5 - 11, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan: July 5 - 11, 2015  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Grilled Marinated Chicken

grilled marinated chicken

With a limited but tasty blend of ingredients, the marinade for this excellent grilled chicken recipe produces chicken that is ultra-tender and packed with flavor. Serve it with grilled asparagus and sweet potatoes for a complete meal.
Summer Vegetable Kabobs

summer vegetable kabobs

A great way to enjoy all of the garden fresh summer vegetables. The grilled flavor enhances their flavor. You will want to make these kabobs whenever you have these vegetables to enjoy.
Loaded Potato Fans

loaded potato fans

These baked potatoes are loaded with flavor. Add your favorite toppings. The best part is you can make as many as you need all on one baking sheet and they are fantastic, with the toppings already on them so they are easy to serve.
French Vanilla Snicker Salad

french vanilla snicker salad

Chocolate Vanilla Pudding Pie

chocolate vanilla pudding pie

Easy to make pie that combines chocolate and vanilla in a smooth, creamy filling that goes so well with the graham cracker crust.

Day 2


Hamburger Potato Casserole

hamburger potato casserole

A creamy hamburger and potato casserole that everyone will love. The simple ingredients make this a favorite of the kids.
Garlicky Peas

garlicky peas

Spruce up those ordinary peas into something fabulous. Those green spheres aren't just for color on your plate anymore, they taste great, too.


Here's a classic salad for any season. This simple cabbage and carrot coleslaw recipe is an easy and tasty way to prepare fresh cabbage and carrots from your garden harvest. See our Summer Side Dish Recipes collection for other dishes in which you can use your fresh vegetables.
Homemade Baking Powder Biscuits

homemade baking powder biscuits

A quick-to-make biscuit for those times when you need just a little extra to go with your meal.

Day 3


Creamy Raspberry Toss Salad

creamy raspberry toss salad

The perfect pairing of sweet and tangy flavors in a light and delicious toss salad. The mixture of fruit, onion, romaine, and spinach tossed with a creamy raspberry dressing make this a great light salad. A great side for any spring or summer meal.
Italian Bubble Bread

italian bubble bread

Tear apart garlic bread that uses ready made bread dough. Great flavor and since the pieces are smaller, the garlic and seasonings are on every bite.
Grandmas Soft Sugar Cookies

grandma's soft sugar cookies

A soft and cake-like cookie that is delicious. Just like my grandma used to make when I was a kid. The buttermilk adds a whole new flavor to these sugar cookies.
Lemonade Iced Tea

lemonade iced tea

Perfect drink on a hot summer day. Sweet iced tea with a lemony tartness. Pour over ice to serve.

Day 4


Easy Enchiladas

easy enchiladas

Bake your own chicken or use a rotisserie chicken or find some fajita chicken strips in your freezer section. The green enchilada sauce will be a new favorite for everyone.
Spanish Rice

spanish rice

A rice side dish that goes perfectly beside any Mexican entree. This rice isn't too spicy or doesn't have too much tomato but is full of flavor. You won't have any rice leftover when you make this.
Mexican-Style Lettuce Salad

mexican-style lettuce salad

If you are always looking for a side to add to your Mexican menu, try this lettuce salad. It is full of crunchy vegetables and will make a tasty side for any main course.

Day 5


Ham and Noodle Bake

ham and noodle bake

A quick and easy casserole that provides a one dish meal. Great for those busy nights when you don't have a lot of time to prepare a large meal.
Banana Jell-o Salad

banana jell-o salad

A quick and easy jell-o salad that can be made with your favorite flavor of jell-o. Bananas and whipped topping are all it takes to give this jell-o salad a special taste.
Multigrain Bread

multigrain bread

Although it takes about 3 hours to produce home made bread (and much of this is rising time), it is not difficult--and the results are well worth the time spent. Makes one large or two small loaves.
Applesauce Coffee Cake

applesauce coffee cake

A super moist Bundt cake that you will love sharing with family and friends over a warm cup of coffee. An added bonus to this cake is that it is made on the lighter side using applesauce rather than oil.

Day 6


Lemon-Dill Grilled Fish Packets

lemon-dill grilled fish packets

For a quick weeknight meal, this recipe is made in a flash. The fish is moist and flavorful. Use any type of whitefish that you enjoy.
Italian Pasta Salad

italian pasta salad

A quick throw together salad that is full of great flavor. A nice salad to use some of those fresh garden vegetables.
Mixed Vegetable Grill

mixed vegetable grill

Enhance the grilled flavor of vegetables with this lightly sweet and spicy blend of seasonings. Serve with poultry, meat or fish.

Day 7


Notes: Even though people think more of winter as being the time to slow cook, summer is a great time to use this cooking method. Slow cooking prevents you from heating the house up with a hot oven. You can enjoy this recipe served with mashed potatoes or as a moist, flavorful sandwich.
Au Jus Roast

au jus roast

Slow cooked and tender. This roast beef is perfect for sandwiches or just served with mashed potatoes.
Delicious Mashed Potatoes

delicious mashed potatoes

Creamy mashed potatoes that can be made in advance...perfect. No need to slave over mashing the potatoes when everythings ready to be served.
Baked Corn on the Cob

baked corn on the cob

A simple way to cook corn on the cob. You just wrap them in foil and put in the oven. They can bake as you are preparing the rest of your meal.
Company Salad

company salad

Fresh greens tossed in a lemon vinaigrette. Delicious on its own or make it a meal with grilled chicken or shrimp.
Classic Blueberry Crisp

classic blueberry crisp

Sure to please, this dessert is simple to make.
Dreamsicle Shake

dreamsicle shake

If you love the original Orange Julius' you'll love this shake. A creamy vanilla flavor with that orange that we all love the combination of.
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