Cooking Tips and Advice - Print - Weekly Meal Plan - April 1 - 7, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan - April 1 - 7, 2012 - Cooking Tips

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Weekly Meal Plan - April 1 - 7, 2012
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Simple Roasted Turkey Recipe
Simple Roasted Turkey

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Marinated Beef on a Bun Recipe
Marinated Beef on a Bun
Robust sandwiches that are warm and hearty.

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Slow Cooker Ham and Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Slow Cooker Ham and Sweet Potatoes
Enjoy this slow cooker recipe of ham and sweet potatoes that has a hint of sweet-tangy, citrusy flavor. This slow cooker ham recipe mixes convenience with great taste. Search our site for more easy slow cooker recipes.

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Wild Rice Chicken Salad Recipe
Wild Rice Chicken Salad
This delectable salad is the perfect dish for using leftover wild rice and chicken. With a variety of flavors and textures, this light and healthy salad is sure to become one of the most popular chicken salad recipes.

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Cheesy Vegetable Spaghetti Pie Recipe
Cheesy Vegetable Spaghetti Pie
This recipe is a great way to utilize leftovers in your refrigerator. If using leftover cooked spaghetti, use about 3 1/2 cups. Use other veggies you might have, including broccoli florets or cooked cubed potatoes.

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Caesar Salad 6

A simple toss salad could be substituted for the Caesar salad if desired.

Grilled Stuffed Flank Steak Recipe
Grilled Stuffed Flank Steak
Perfect for the grill, this steak is packed with flavor.

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