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July 27 - August 2, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan: July 27 - August 2, 2014  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Grilled Marinated Pork Steaks

grilled marinated pork steaks

Marinated and grilled for a moist and smoky-flavored pork steak. An easy recipe for creating a mouth-watering steak.
Ranch Mashed Potatoes

ranch mashed potatoes

Spruced up mashed potatoes with the flavor of ranch dressing, that everyone loves, especially the kids. Topped with melted cheese, this side dish is sure to disappear.
Grandmothers Southern Style Green Beans

grandmother's southern style green beans

Nothing spared on this vegetable recipe, with bacon and everything. The green beans are sure to disappear quickly!
Summer Fruit Pasta Salad

summer fruit pasta salad

A nice combination of fresh summer fruit and pasta dressed with a light coat of vanilla yogurt to bring all the flavors together. So easy to make yet so full of flavor. Perfect for all your summer get-togethers or a light summer meal.
Apple  Blueberry or Huckleberry Crisp

apple & blueberry (or huckleberry) crisp

An apple dessert with quick cooking oats mixed into a sweet crumbly topping. The apples and blueberries in this apple crisp recipe provide a perfect blend of flavors. Try our easy steps to preparing the apples for this recipe and the best blueberry cleaning method.

Day 2


Southwest Chicken Casserole

southwest chicken casserole

The traditional flavors of the Southwest come through to provide a spicy blend of chicken, cheese and savory sauces appealing to all ages.
Simple Toss Salad

simple toss salad

Sometimes all you need to finish out your menu is a simple lettuce salad. You can add any of your favorite toppings you have on hand or just top it with your favorite dressing.
Moms French Dressing

mom's french dressing

You've finally found the dressing recipe that you remember having as a kid. Serve over a bed of lettuce with hard boiled eggs and homemade croutons.
Tasty Southern Corn Bread

tasty southern corn bread

A sweet cornbread that will please everyone. Baked to a golden brown, its the perfect side to your meal. Served with maple syrup, it soaks right into the corn bread.

Day 3


Grandmas Meatball Stroganoff

grandma's meatball stroganoff

A comforting rich meatballs and gravy that is easy enough for a weeknight. Perfect served over egg noodles or rice.
Pea and Cheese Salad

pea and cheese salad

An easy make-ahead salad recipe that pairs nicely along with ham recipes or turkey recipes. You will find many other salad recipes that are great to serve with ham, turkey, and other entrées.
Killer Garlic Bread

killer garlic bread

Coconut and Oatmeal Cookies

coconut and oatmeal cookies

Crispy but chewy, these cookies are a real treat. These homemade cookies are so flavorful that you will never want a store bought cookie again.

Day 4


Quick-n-Simple Burgers

quick-n-simple burgers

Just a simple burger to make for a quick lunch or dinner. No fussing with ingredients . . . just good old hamburger flavor.
Golden Parmesan Potatoes

golden parmesan potatoes

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these potatoes will be a hit in your household. Forget about the frozen potatoes and take a few extra minutes to make your own. Peeled or unpeeled, either way is delicious.
Creamy Cucumbers

creamy cucumbers

Creamed cucumbers are a delicious side dish especially with garden fresh cucumbers. The salad dressing and vinegar dressing is sweetened perfectly with the sugar.

Day 5


Shrimp Salad

shrimp salad

The light dressing featured in this salad allows the great flavor of the shrimp to be the star attraction.
Simple Garlic Toast

simple garlic toast

Super simple garlic toast that goes great with lasagna, spaghetti, chili, salads, and much more. It only takes three ingredients to make this tasty toasted garlic bread.
Poppy Seed Lemon Muffins

poppy seed lemon muffins

A fresh and lemony muffin that is perfect for any morning. These are quick to whip up and baked to perfection, the sour cream keeps them moist.

Day 6


Beef And Vegetable Stir Fry

beef and vegetable stir fry

A tasty Asian inspired stir fry filled with vegetables, beef and a thick sauce. The fresh ginger is the key to a great Asian sauce. This stir fry will fast become a favorite in your house.
Baked White Rice

baked white rice

Baking is a method that is not often considered for preparing rice, but when you are using the oven to prepare dishes to accompany rice, why not bake the rice in the oven as well? This method produces excellent results.
Crab Rangoon Stuffed Wonton

crab rangoon stuffed wonton

Rich in flavor, this small stuffed dumpling can be served as an appetizer or a main dish accompanied with a favorite dipping sauce.
Lemonade Iced Tea

lemonade iced tea

Perfect drink on a hot summer day. Sweet iced tea with a lemony tartness. Pour over ice to serve.

Day 7


Grilled T-Bone Steaks

grilled t-bone steaks

These marinated steaks will be a new summer favorite for you. The steak seasoning with the brown sugar and soy sauce create a flavor that will melt in your mouth. Use this marinade on your favorite steak, not just for T-bones.
Twice Baked Ice Box Potatoes

twice baked ice box potatoes

These make-ahead twice baked potatoes are sure to become a family favorite. The cream cheese and sour cream blend together to create a super creamy potato. Topped with cheese, you couldn't ask for potatoes with more flavor.
Good Grilled Corn

good grilled corn

Sweet and natural, corn should taste like it just came from the field. Use the freshest corn you can get and treat it gently.
Grand Fruit Salad

grand fruit salad

As with any fruit salad, this salad is best with seasonal fruits. Use your favorite combination of fruits. As an alternative, you could use orange juice instead of the Grand Marnier, but it is worth the splurge.
Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

raspberry cheesecake bars

Do you like cheesecake—especially raspberry cheesecake? Then, you'll love these outstanding dessert bars featuring a brown sugar and oatmeal crust and a smooth cream cheese filling loaded with raspberries and white chocolate.
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