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October 2 - 8, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan: October 2 - 8, 2011  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs in Wine Sauce

slow cooked beef short ribs in wine sauce

Slow cooking makes this inexpensive cut tender and flavorful.
Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole

loaded mashed potato casserole

These rich and creamy potatoes are absolutely delicious. For an extra crispy bacon topping, sprinkle at end of cooking.
Crispy Soft Broccoli

crispy soft broccoli

Who would have thought that just 3 ingredients could be so delicious? And all you have to do is through them together an put it in the oven. This will be your new go to vegetable since the broccoli is so simple.
Apple Crumble

apple crumble

A quick and easy tasty dessert to make during the apple season. It has a cinnamon apple bottom with a crunchy, crumbly top, a combination of flour, sugar, and butter, sprinkled over the apples. Let us show you how easy this apple crumble recipe is to make.

Day 2


Roast Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup

roast cauliflower and broccoli soup

Soup is a favorite around our house, especially during the cooler weather. Throw some cheese on top to add even more flavor.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich

grilled cheese sandwich

This classic sandwich with melted cheese is a favorite for kids of all ages.

Day 3


Notes: Substitute fresh tomatoes for the diced canned tomatoes to create a super fresh tasting sauce.
Shrimp Pasta with Spicy Tomato Sauce

shrimp pasta with spicy tomato sauce

This recipe can satisfy a number of meal occasions. It's quick and easy so you can prepare it for a weeknight dinner. Yet it's also perfect for casual entertaining as it is packed with flavor and a touch of heat from the Italian herbs and crushed red pepper. Use jumbo shrimp if you want to make it impressive!
Garlic Caesar Salad

garlic caesar salad

Make this classic salad with a from-scratch dressing which features garlic, anchovies and Parmesan cheese.
Pumpkin Nut Bars

pumpkin nut bars

Day 4


Grilled Chicken Quesadillas

grilled chicken quesadillas

Great use for leftover chicken or buy a rotisserie chicken to use. Easy weeknight meal. Serve it up with some spanish rice for your own fiesta.
Spanish Rice

spanish rice

A rice side dish that goes perfectly beside any Mexican entree. This rice isn't too spicy or doesn't have too much tomato but is full of flavor. You won't have any rice leftover when you make this.
Fruit Salsa

fruit salsa

Use any combination of mango, peach, pineapple, or papaya fruit to make this sweet and spicy salsa recipe that goes so well with grilled chicken or fish. It's perfect for backyard BBQs or summertime parties.

Day 5


Barbecue Beef Sandwich

barbecue beef sandwich

This rich and zesty beef makes the perfect sandwich for feeding a crowd. When you need a dish to take for a potluck, make this barbecue beef roast as a slow cooker recipe. When it is done, just leave it in the slow cooker and take to the potluck for serving.
Cowboy Beans

cowboy beans

A Southwestern favorite, these beans get a kick from McCormick® Hot Shot!®
Avocado Watermelon and Spinach Salad

avocado, watermelon, and spinach salad

Prepared with an unexpected combination of ingredients, this refreshing salad is sure to be a summertime favorite.

Day 6


Scallop Potatoes and Ham

scallop potatoes and ham

Baked and presented as a deep dish pie-like entrée, this tasty favorite is ideal for a special luncheon or light supper.
Creamed Sweet Peas

creamed sweet peas

A sweet and creamy side dish that is perfect for any meal. This creamy sauce adds a nice sweet touch to the great taste of fresh peas.
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orange salad 25

Day 7


Notes: If you prefer substitute your favorite bakery bread or buns fro the drop biscuits. You can save time by preparing a German chocolate cake mix rather than making it from scratch but use this frosting recipe to create an extra delicious treat.
Chicken and Dumplings

chicken and dumplings

Mildly flavored dumplings complement the rich savory taste of the chicken stew in this satisfying old-fashioned favorite.
Easy Applesauce

easy applesauce

This homemade applesauce recipe is easy to make and full of flavor. Use your favorite sauce apple to create an applesauce that you will love. If you have never made applesauce, let us show you how easy it is to make nice soft textured applesauce to enjoy this fall.
German Chocolate Frosting

german chocolate frosting

A perfect topping for German chocolate cake.
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german chocolate cake 17

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