Healthy 4th of July Recipes

This helpful video shows you some easy ways to cut calories and maintain a more healthful diet during the 4th of July holiday. In a holiday filled with backyard cookouts and barbecues, these dietary tips help you to make the proper food choices without sacrificing the foods that you crave during the height of summertime fun.


Sarah: Will you be counting calories this Fourth of July? Probably not if you're like most Americans celebrating the birth of our country. As much fun as it is eating tons of hot dogs, potato salad, and guzzling beer like you're back in college, we're going to show you how you can still have a great time and still feel confident in that read, white, and blue bikini.

Sarah: It's Fourth of July; I have a few parties to go to. I know there's going to be hot dogs and hamburgers, potato salad, everything that typically comes along with a Fourth of July barbecue that you associate being unhealthy. Now, what can I do if I am not bringing anything; I'm just going as is. What are my best options?

Katrina: Your best options is usually there is some kind of vegetable platter, and choose a dip that's a little lower in fat. Right here we have a low-fat spinach dip, and we actually whipped this up ourselves. If you do want to bring it, that's fine, but if you try to find a lower fat dip, you can.

Sarah: There's the potato salad and cole slaw; what's the best option? Here we have a pasta salad with whole wheat; is this better for me than to go with the potato salad?

Katrina: Definitely, and it's made with a low-fat dressing and some olive oil; so if you again, want to bring something on your own, you can, but when you're there, just make healthier options if you have a choice between one thing and the other. Take the cole slaw over the potato salad. So, it's decision-making time on yourself; so you can be healthy, but you can eat the food that you want.

Sarah: Like most women, I have a sweet tooth. What are my best options when choosing a dessert?

Katrina: Well, usually at barbecues, there will be some kind of fruit option. Here we have uh watermelon, apples, pineapple, and raspberries in...it's all in a pineapple juice. So, if this is out the whole time, you can have it before or after dinner, and it can really help with your sweet tooth, and it's very low in calories.

Sarah: Awesome. And what about these?

Katrina: These--this is a serving size. Now, if you want dessert, and if you want something like a cupcake, your best option is to have just a smaller serving size. These are a hundred-calorie little cupcakes. You can get them at the grocery store...anything like that. If they have them at the party, choose this over a larger cupcake.

Sarah: Now, I noticed that we have some smaller plates. Are these for portion control or appetizer plates?

Katrina: I...usually people put them out for appetizer plates, but I would actually use that as your plate for your dinner, too; so if you're at the entire barbecue, just use a smaller plate and that will help you with portion control.

Sarah: So seriously, how bad is a hamburger and a hot dog?

Katrina: Hot dogs can run you over 350 calories, and hamburgers prepared with everything can be over 400; so, yeah…

Sarah: Well, then, what are my options then if I go to a barbecue and that's all they have?

Katrina: If they do think about preparing maybe veggie burgers or turkey burgers, you can have those options, so it's a lot less calories. Today, we're going to make turkey burgers but open-faced.

Sarah: What if the party I'm going to really has no healthy options, what's my best choice?

Katrina: You can either have an open-faced hamburger or just have smaller portions. I like to just do an open-faced hamburger, and you can actually split it in half and have some of it with a friend, and you cut the calories in half.


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