How To Cut Watermelon Video

How To Cut Watermelon Video
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RecipeTips.com's video demonstration on how to cut watermelon. For more cooking tips and advice visit RecipeTips.com.
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Today I am going to demonstrate how to slice a watermelon and at the same time, remove most of the seeds. The first step to slicing a watermelon is to make sure you have the outside washed off completely. The first slice you are going to want to make is to cut ends off the watermelon on both sides. The next step in slicing a watermelon is to cut the watermelon lengthwise right along where the light and dark stripe meet and a good indicator on how deep you need to go is to reach right where the seed line begins. So go ahead and slice the watermelon right along that stripe and you are going to want to skip approximately 4 inches and a good indicator of that is to skip every other line. Continue to cut around the watermelon until you have all of your cuts made. Once you have all your cuts made, you are ready to separate it from the seed line. Just take your fist and give it a quick bang and all the sections will come apart. Once you have your watermelon broke into sections, the next step is to remove the center portion of the watermelon. You will want to take your knife and place it just above the seed line to remove this section. Now you may get some seeds in here and that is okay they are easily removed, just take the tip of your knife and remove them from the pieces of watermelon. Slice the watermelon right below the seed line. Take the tip of your knife and remove any excess seeds. After you have removed all the seeds from your wedges, the next step is to remove the fruit from the rind. Insert your knife right where the fruit, the red part of the fruit meets the green of the rind and slice all the way through. You may have to touch up a little bit and continue through all the wedges. Once the watermelon has been removed from the rind you can go ahead and slice it into your desired serving size. Take your knife and slice down the middle and chunk it however you like. Once your watermelon has been cut up it is ready to serve or to use in your favorite recipes, for more information on watermelon and to find some great watermelon recipes, visit www.Recipetips.com.

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