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July 26 - August 1, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan: July 26 - August 1, 2015  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Roast Lemon Chicken With Vegetables

roast lemon chicken with vegetables

This roasted chicken is seasoned perfectly with a hint of lemon. The potatoes, onions and peppers taste delicious cooked beside the chicken.
Creamed Sweet Peas

creamed sweet peas

A sweet and creamy side dish that is perfect for any meal. This creamy sauce adds a nice sweet touch to the great taste of fresh peas.
Strawberry Cucumber Salad

strawberry cucumber salad

A contemporary salad that has the sweet summer berries with the crunch of the cucumbers. And it's lightly dressed with a honey-balsamic mixture. So easy and so delicious.
Creamy Lemonade Pie

creamy lemonade pie

A light and creamy lemonade-flavored pie. This no-bake pie makes a perfect summertime refreshing dessert. It is a great way to end a light summer meal.

Day 2


Orange Pork Stir Fry

orange pork stir fry

Forget about stopping at a Chinese restaurant and bringing it home. I think you can whip this stir fry up quicker than you would taking out. Full of Asian flavor, everyone at the table will love this recipe.
Baked White Rice

baked white rice

Baking is a method that is not often considered for preparing rice, but when you are using the oven to prepare dishes to accompany rice, why not bake the rice in the oven as well? This method produces excellent results.
Pork Egg Rolls

pork egg rolls

A delicious way to have pork and veggetables either as an appetizer or an entre.

Day 3


Best Brats Ever

best brats ever

Brats boiled in beer, onions, and green peppers for extra flavor. The onions and peppers can be added along with some of your other favorite condiments for a well dressed brat.
Noodle Popovers

noodle popovers

Unique pasta popover that is golden brown and crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. This pasta recipe makes a great side dish for many meals. Try serving it with a burger instead of fries, your family will love the change.
Delicious Guilt-Free Green Beans

delicious guilt-free green beans

A healthy and flavorful vegetable that will have you coming back for seconds. This recipe is a great way to use those beans in the garden.
M  M Dream Bars

m & m dream bars

These oatmeal and chocolate bars have a gooey layer of creamy peanut butter. Everyone will fall in love with these fun and festive bars. Use seasonal M&M's for any holiday.

Day 4


Burrito Bake

burrito bake

An easy way to enjoy beefy bean burritos. The cheese and crushed Doritos add flavor and a little crunch to this Mexican casserole.
Mexican Corn

mexican corn

Add a little Mexican flare to your meal with this super easy sidedish.
Simple Toss Salad

simple toss salad

Sometimes all you need to finish out your menu is a simple lettuce salad. You can add any of your favorite toppings you have on hand or just top it with your favorite dressing.

Day 5


Grilled Pork Loin with Cherry Sauce

grilled pork loin with cherry sauce

A grilled pork tenderloin smothered in this delectable cherry sauce is a dish that's hard to resist. The versatile sauce can be used for poultry dishes as well, especially grilled chicken or roasted duck.
Baked Fan Potatoes

baked fan potatoes

Great alternative for baked potatoes. Each person gets their own package and can season it up for their own preference. Great beside your grilled meat.
Nutty Brussels Sprouts

nutty brussels sprouts

Once you get over the childhood fright after the mention of "Brussels Sprouts", you'll find they are a vegetable you want more often than special occasions. Versatile and delicious, these little morsels are delicious, especially when paired with pine nuts and garlic.
Easy Peach Crisp

easy peach crisp

Nothing warms up your house than with a fruit crisp in the oven. Why not try one tonight? Surprise someone with this warm dessert and serve it with a large scoop of ice cream. You can use peaches, apples or plums.

Day 6


My Favorite Meatloaf

my favorite meatloaf

What says comfort food better than meatloaf? Serve it up with mashed potatoes and green beans and its the perfect meal that will warm you right up.
Creamed Green Beans and Potatoes

creamed green beans and potatoes

This is a great recipe to make when you have fresh green beans. It is the perfect garden fresh side dish to serve with grilled hamburgers or chicken. It is sure to be a family favorite.
Broccoli Cauliflower  Shredded Carrots Vegetable Salad

broccoli cauliflower & shredded carrots vegetable salad

Super simple vegetable salad. The perfect combination of vegetables for great flavor and crunch. The sweetened mayo is just right as the finishing touch to this salad.

Day 7


Baby Back Ribs and Rib Rub

baby back ribs and rib rub

Mouth-watering ribs slow cooked in the oven for tenderness and quickly grilled for a lightly charred surface to finish them off. Seasoned with a sweet and savory rub that enhances the flavor of the ribs without taking away from their original flavor.
Red Roasted Potatoes

red roasted potatoes

Tasty roasted potatoes that everyone is sure to enjoy. Well seasoned with a crispy outer surface makes these potatoes hard to resist.
Smoky Roasted Cauliflower

smoky roasted cauliflower

The smoked paprika adds a distinctive flavor to this simple roasted cauliflower dish.
Crunchy Tossed Salad 3

crunchy tossed salad 3

This salad has all the right ingredients, from crisp lettuce, to salty bacon, to crunchy almonds, with an light dressing. Dress it right before you are ready to serve to keep the textures.
Berry Cheesecake Bars

berry cheesecake bars

Delicious cheesecake bars with extra added flavor from fresh raspberries and blueberries. A great way to use your seasonal fresh fruit. This red, white and blue colored bar is also perfect to serve at your 4th of July or Memorial Day celebrations.
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