Grilled Potstickers, Bread & Cheese Sticks, even Egg Rolls! Recipe

Grill up Potstickers and a host of other items from the frozen food section! When you've got a group coming over, grilling an appetizer is a natural. But what? Potstickers! Or, how about cheese sticks, or bread sticks with cheese in the center? Maybe some spring rolls or egg rolls? These frozen foods grill up to become amazing appetizers and sides. Warm the grill up early and enjoy how easy crispy grilled potstickers are! Many of these frozen food treats come with their own sauces too.
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  • Store bought Potstickers fresh or frozen with dipping sauce
  • Olive Oil
  • Coat the defrosted Poststickers with Olive Oil. Using a baggie is a good way to prep and let them sit until grill time.
Grilling Potstickers et al. with GrillGrates:
  • LOW / MEDIUM Heat 350-400F Preheat gas grill with GrillGrates in place. With charcoal wait until coals have burned down to place and preheat GrillGrates and /or use indirect method. Place oiled Potstickers, cheese sticks etc on preheated GrillGrates lid closed. Turning every 3-5 minutes with The GrateTool. Rotate Potstickers to crisp all over and cook completely. Avoid deep black sear marks- it is a sign you are grilling too hot. Golden brown sear marks are perfection. Remove and allow to cool for a few minutes before placing in front of your guests.
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Grilled Potstickers, Bread & Cheese Sticks, even Egg Rolls! Recipe Reviews

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