Flame-Roasted Peppers Recipe

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Grilling peppers gives them a wonderful rich taste. Fire up the grill, do a big batch and freeze any you don't use right away.
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  • ripe sweet peppers, preferably the thick-walled type
Container: grill
15 mins
30 mins
  • Heat the grill. Distribute the whole peppers around the grill, leaving room to turn them. Using tongs, turn the peppers so each side gets at least some charring.
  • As each pepper is finished, remove it to a shallow pan or dish. When all peppers are finished, enclose the pan snugly in a plastic bag, or stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the pan.
  • Let the peppers cool. Uncover and using your fingers and a small sharp knife, remove the skin. Don't worry about not getting it all off - a few charred bits will add flavor. Remove the stems and slit peppers open to remove the cores.
  • Slice and toss with a vinagrette for a colorful salad, or use in any recipe calling for roasted peppers.  Freeze extras. 
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