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blondie brownies
This was a favorite treat from my grandmother's kitchen.
chicken corn sour cream fajitias
A wonderful slow cooker concoction for those cold winter days. Serve in tortillas or over corn bread muffins.
butternut squash with swiss cheese
Yummy squash with cheese.
holiday chocolate cheesecake
An absolutely decadent chocolate spin on the cheesecake.
peanut clusters
Peanuts coated in a chocolate and butterscotch coating. Perfect for your holiday candies.
chicken stew
This is an easy kid-friendly meal that my family loves. I serve this over white rice.
homemade stromboli
This recipe is a huge hit in my home, so easy to make and can be prepped ahead of time. I often freeze some of the pre-cooked meats in small bags in the freezer to have on hand to make this super-quick.
cheddar lasagna
A spin on classic lasagna that uses Cheddar cheese on top instead of mozzarella cheese.
pecan tassies
PECAN TASSIES. Serves 5-6 dozen. A finger food cake treat.
cheesy eggs
Lovely eggs.
salted egg
Salted Egg is one of the favorites of Filipino tongue. A lot of foreigners who have visited the Philippines have tasted this and wanted some more for their breakfast. For awesome experience Filipinos serves salted egg with tomatoes and fried fish! Don't worry! The preparation is so easy and even your kids can help you! Now lets do the "Brine egg and Wait"!
meat loaf patties
A meal that will make everyone's mouth water! I serve these with cream style corn, sour cream and chive mash potatoes, and Grands Home-style Biscuits!
peppermint kisses
Holiday sugar cookies with a surprising kiss of peppermint.
pineapple salad
Pineapple Salad - a sweet and semi-healthy treat.
turkey garbage casserole
When the Turkey Sandwich, Turkey Soup and Turkey Pot Pie get boring after Thanksgiving....try this Turkey Garbage leftover recipe. YUMMY! Serve with rolls on the side.
holiday ginger bread cookies
Yummy holiday gingerbread cookies.
peanut butter drops
Simple recipe that the kids can help with.
crab and monterey jack cheese stuffed mushrooms
Ingredients included in this recipe are butter , mushrooms , onions, lemon juice , crab meat, soft bread crumbs, egg , beaten, rosemary , shredded Monterey Jack cheese, divided, ...
awesome chicken stew
This is my family chicken stew recipe.
noel nut balls
Flaky, nutty and covered in sugar. Best holiday cookie.
killer margaritas
This version of the classic margarita will blow you away!
perfect pumpkin bread
This pumpkin bread is moist, decadent and has a beautiful holiday flavor. It is perfect as a dessert, at a brunch or warmed up as a comforting afternoon snack.
salmon cakes
A delicious Salmon Cake, which can be served on a bun as a sandwich, on top of a bed of mixed greens or as a main dish. Versatile, nutrient dense and yummy!
bacon and shallot smothered green beans
Fresh green beans are covered with smoky bacon and sweet caramelized shallots. A beautiful side dish for any meal.
random smoked buttology
1 Boston Butt around 8 lbs.
Top 250 userrecipes found
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