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A traditional small block of frozen water that is used to keep beverages and foods cool while they are being stored, prepared, served, and consumed. A beverage with Ice Cubes was often referred to as on the rocks when referencing the use of Ice Cubes. Ice Cubes made from water are frozen in square, rectangular, round, and decorative shapes with the use of Ice Cube Trays. Since most freezers are designed to freeze water quickly, there is little chance for small air bubbles and gases dissolved in the water to be released. Thus, most home produced ice will have a cloudy appearance. When making ice with water, check the clarity of the water in order to keep the ice and the beverage being cooled free of particles that may discolor or change the appearance of the liquids being cooled if the water contains miscellaneous particles. Often, a calcium carbonate substance that is commonly found in many sources of water will create a harmless, flaky white particle to be frozen into some Ice Cubes and will be released into the beverage as the drink is consumed.

Ice Cubes made from frozen water are often used for making other forms of ice which include crushed ice or shaved ice flakes. Although the crushed and shaved Ice will melt quickly, they do serve as a good way to arrange a large amount of ice into a small area or to chill foods quickly, compacting it together to retain the cooler temperature. However, when placed into a liquid, the crushed or shaved Ice will quickly melt.

An alternative to the traditional Ice Cube made from household water is to use a refreezable Ice Cube. Also referred to as synthetic, fake or plastic Ice Cubes, this type of Ice is made from a transparent plastic material that is molded to have the appearance of a typical Ice Cube or a decorative and symbolic Ice Cube made for holiday events. The plastic Ice Cube is filled with freezable liquid that may be water, depending on the manufacturer. The artificial cubes are placed in the freezer and then are ready when frozen to be placed in beverages or bowls to add a refreezable version for use in cooling foods and beverages.

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