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Although this utensil for producing home-made ice cream has changed significantly over the years, many still use the older methods with a hand churn attached to a wooden paddle placed within a wooden or metal container. The paddle or dasher, as it is also called, mixes the ingredients as the freezing container containing the ice cream mixture rotates during the churning process. Rock salt is added to the ice to decrease the temperature of the ice that is used to induce a freezing action with the ingredients that ultimately become ice cream. As the ice cream is churned air is brought into the mixture to assist with developing a smooth and creamy texture while it begins to freeze. As the Ice Cream Makers have been changed over the years, the process has basically remained the same.

Today there are basically two types of Makers available: Ice Cream Makers with manually operated churns and makers with motorized churns. The churning coverts the cream and ingredients into ice cream while the freezing container rotates within the ice cream maker. Generally the freezing container has been placed in the freezer prior to churning. Newer models of Ice Cream Makers contain built-in freezer units that keep the churned ice-cream cold without prefreezing as is required on other models. In addition, many of the machines churn the contents using a timer or automatically shut off when the ice cream has thickened so there is no need to remain at the machine while the ice cream is being made. Removable containers that may be 1-1/2 quarts or larger in size, electronic timers, lids with openings to allow extra ingredients to be added while churning, removable pieces for ease of cleaning, and stainless steel housing are a few of the features that assist to make the Ice Cream making a more automated and enjoyable procedure. When selecting an Ice Cream Maker, discuss and gain an understanding of the process used with the machine in order to determine if the work and time involved are acceptable. Ice Cream Makers are used to not only produce ice cream but also frozen yogurt, frozen beverages and ice milk.

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