Ice Cube Tray

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Manufactured to freeze water into ice for cooling beverages or other food items, Ice Cube Trays are made in numerous sizes and styles that are designed for different purposes. The traditional Ice Cube Tray freezes water in square, rectangular and round shapes. Non-traditional in use, other types of Ice Cube Trays are made for specific functions, such as creating long round cylinders as cubes to cool bottles of water or other beverages.

The materials used in the manufacture of Ice Cube Trays most often include plastic, silicon or metal. The metal is rigid in design while the plastic is semi-flexible and the silicon offers a very flexible alternative that can be bent easily to remove cubes of ice. An Ice Cube Tray will typically have 10 to 12 individual compartments that can be filled with water. When making ice, the clarity of the water is important to consider. Always use water that is as clear as possible and free from containing very tiny foreign particles so that the ice and all beverages that will be served are free of particles that may discolor or change the appearance of the liquid being cooled.

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