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Ice Bucket
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A countertop storage utensil that holds and keeps ice from melting rapidly. Most often used in bar areas, buffets or kitchens when serving beverages, Ice Buckets are typically made from stainless steel, plastic, glass or copper and may be constructed of materials that contain insulation. Ice Buckets that are not insulated will have a tendency to "sweat" on the outside, causing moisture to collect on the outer surface and drop below. Insulated Ice Buckets do not sweat and will provide a longer lasting method for storing ice.

There are a wide variety of different types of Ice Buckets produced as barware that serve many different purposes. Some Ice Buckets are made for holding ice or wine bottles that keep the wine chilled while surrounded by cubes of ice. Generally, they are smaller diameter buckets or containers. Other Ice Buckets are produced in the shape of tubs that may or may not be lidded, but are built to hold large quantities of ice for use in keeping higher quantities of beverage containers, such as beer or other carbonated drinks, chilled during an event.

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