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Corn Cutter Remover or Zipper
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A utensil that is used to remove the kernels of corn from fresh ears of corn by cutting or zipping the kernels off the cob. A Corn Cutter, which may also be referred to as a Kernel Cutter is typically used when the corn kernels are to be removed for canning or simply as a means to serve fresh corn detatched from the cob.

There are several types of Corn Cutters or Zippers that are built for removing kernels. One type of Remover is a metal utensil gripped with both hands that has an expandable cutter ring attached to the center of the handheld metal support rods. The toothed ring fits over the cob and is manually pushed downward to remove the kernels. The process is often made easier if a board with a protruding nail is made so it can hold the stalk upright while the corn is cut. The board is positioned so the stalk end of the cob can be inserted into the nail to hold the cob in place as the Corn Cutter is pushed downward. The expandable cutter ring, which forms to the shape of the cob, contains many sharp teeth enabling it to cut quickly through the various diameters of cobs to easily remove the kernels.

A second type of Corn Cutter is often referred to as a Corn Zipper that zips through rows of kernels as it removes them from the cob. This untensil individually cuts through each row as the cob is held in one hand and the Corn Zipper in the other. A small cutter head with a sharpened edge is formed into one side of the cutter which is shaped to fit under the kernel cutting it close to the cob as the Corn Zipper is moved through the rows of kernels.

When selecting, choose a utensil that is easy to use and is built to handle the amount of corn anticipated to be cut. Consider how the Corn Cutter feels when held and if it is constructed of materials and a design that makes it easy to clean, easy to cut and easy to maintain, such as keeping the blades sharp.

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