Cookie Cutter

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A cutting tool for use in making cookie patterns cut into dough to form the shape of a holiday or seasonal object such as an angel, a pumpkin, a star, a tree, or a snowman. Cookie cutters are most commonly produced in either metal or plastic with cutting edges on one side and a handle on the other side. Typically, the Cookie Cutter is made to create a single, flat or embossed-surfaced cookie. When embossed, a pattern of various parts of the design are impressed into the surface of the cookie, such as the eyes, nose and mouth of a face that may be a santa or an angel. In addition to Cutters that make single surfaced, flat cookies, there are also Cookie Cutters that are designed to make 3-D or 3-dimensional cookies. The 3-D Cutters are made with 2 or 3 companion cutters that cut out shapes that can be inserted with each other in order to create several sides in the shape of a tree, a sleigh, a house, an animal, or any of many seasonal objects.

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