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Egg White Substitute
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Often referred to as Liquid Egg Whites or pasteurized egg whites, this food item is a replacement for the natural whites of eggs. Since all of the cholesterol of an egg is in the yolk, the egg white is an excellent source of protein, free of cholesterol. Egg whites are commonly used for making desserts as well as increasing the volume or thickening ingredients. It is also often used as a leaving agent in cakes or breads.

Pasteurized liquid egg whites will often contain additives that are advertised as being beneficial for various recipes requiring egg whites. However, it is always best to first test the Egg White Substitute selected in order to determine if it will achieve the desired results. Some of the common uses of egg whites as an ingredient include: preparing baked goods such as cakes; creating meringue toppings with stiff peaks for pies or frostings; and making egg dishes such as baked or scrambled eggs. When testing, make sure the product can blend easily with other ingredients without a loss of properties desired, such as a textures that are adequately stiff, not too gooey, sticky or moist, and reasonably equal to results attained with natural egg whites.

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