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An egg product that can be used as a replacement for fresh eggs in order to reduce or eliminate the cholesterol content found in whole eggs or for recipes requiring uncooked eggs. Since all of the cholesterol is contained within the yolk, most Egg Substitutes are produced using egg whites only, with other ingredients added as a replacement for the yolks. For liquid Egg Substitutes, some of the additional or replacement ingredients may include tofu, skim milk, starch, corn syrup, artificial flavorings, and artificial coloring. Some Egg Substitutes will be white in color while others may be processed with an ivory to pale yellow color.

Many of the powdered Egg Substitutes are egg-free and are produced from ingredients such as starch, yeast extract, soy flour, wheat gluten, gum, artificial flavorings, and coloring that simulate the texture and flavor of eggs. They can be prepared by simply adding water to the powdered mixture. It is common to use a ratio of mixing 1 tablespoon of the Egg Substitute with 3 tablespoons of water for each egg to be replaced.

Liquid Egg Substitutes are packaged and sold as refrigerated or frozen food items and can often be prepared right from the package. Both the liquid and powdered substitutes are used in cooking and some are suitable for scrambling and for preparing omelets as well as other egg dishes. Like all other uncooked egg products, both the liquid and powdered Egg Substitutes are pasteurized.

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