Tea Egg

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Made in the form of a Tea Ball with a handle, this utensil is designed to hold bits of ingredients that are used to make beverages and flavorful foods. Also known as an infuser, the Tea Egg is used in the same manner as a Tea Ball. The stainless steel ball-shaped head of the Tea Egg is perforated with holes and formed into two open halves. Flavorful foods such as herbs, tea leaves or other ingredients can be placed in one half of the Tea Egg while the other half is closed to keep the contents securely held within the Tea Egg. Using the extended plunger-like handle as a grip, the head of the Tea Egg is placed in hot water, soup stocks or food bases so they can be flavored with the contents held within the eggshell compartment of this utensil. As the liquid or sauce passes through the holes in the Tea Egg, the contents release the flavors within so the foods being flavored become enhanced by the ingredients within the Tea Egg. When ready to remove the Tea Egg and empty the contents, the handle is manually depressed and a half of the Tea Egg shell is opened for the removal and cleaning of the tool.

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