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"The latin name for the Cremini mushroom is NOT "Agaricus Cupreobrunneus" it is ... read full review"
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(Scientific Name: Agaricus cupreobrunneus) A variety of mushroom that is similar in size and shape to a white button mushroom, but has a brown skin and a creamy tan flesh. This mushroom is a young portobello that is harvested before it matures and becomes large in size with a flattened cap. When served, it provides a somewhat earthy or smokey flavor, which is much more pronounced than white button mushrooms. Cremini mushrooms can be stored in the refrigerator at 34ºF to 38ºF, loosely wrapped in paper towels or in their original container or in a paper bag, but should never be stored in plastic. Also known as crimini, this variety of mushroom can be kept for 5 to 7 days.

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cremini mushroom

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"The latin name for the Cremini mushroom is NOT "Agaricus Cupreobrunneus" it is "Agaricus Bisporus" the same as the common white mushroom. From Wikipedia "Agaricus bisporus— [is] known variously as the common mushroom, button mushroom, white mushroom, table mushroom, champignon mushroom, Crimini mushroom, Swiss brown mushroom, Roman brown mushroom, Italian brown, Italian mushroom, cultivated mushroom, or when mature, the Portobello mushroom". The Agaricus Cupreobrunneus is commonly known as the brown field mushroom."
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