Tri-Tip Recipe

This cut has been called the poor man's prime rib.
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  • Tri Tip 2.5lb will feed 4 people
  • Canola Oil (optional)
  • A meat tenderizing rub like Adolfs
  • Salt & Pepper
  • At least 1 hour prior to grilling bring steak out of the fridge
  • Optional: Some suggest coating with oil prior to applying rub
  • Apply your favorite tenderizing rub and let stand for 1 hour to come to room temp and let the spices penetrate the meat

  • MED/LOW Grill heat. Direct heat is fine with GrillGrates. You'll get a super sear while letting the meat slowly cook and come up to temperature.
  • Turn at 7 minute mark
  • Turn and TWIST in 7-8 more minutes to get nice cross hatch on presentation side.
  • At 20 Minutes- Check internal temperature with a meat thermometer 120F is your target. If you are close, turn off the grill and leave the meat on for 5 minutes and remove.
  • Remove at 120-130F for medium rare.
  • Let rest under tent of tin foil for 10 minutes.

  • First cut the meat in HALF find the grain change and cut the meat in half basically in the middle.
  • Then cut from the ends to the cut side cutting across the grain.
  • If you think you overcooked it- CUT THIN.
  • If you are dead on rare- cut it thicker
  • Use a cutting board with a tray around the outside to catch the juice.
  • Plate the cut pieces and pour the juice over and serve!
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