Chocolate Bag with White Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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Delightful in presentation and fun to eat, this unique treat is a great way to finish a meal on special days with cherished friends or family.
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  • 1 3/4 cups heavy cream, divided
  • 5 ounces white chocolate, chopped
  • 1/2 cup egg yolks, slightly beaten (4 large eggs)
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 8 ounces high quality dark chocolate, chopped
  • Raspberries or strawberries for garnishing
1 hr
30 mins
1.5 hrs
  • Note: Whipped cream without the white chocolate can be used as a substitute instead of making chocolate mousse.
  • In medium mixing bowl, whip 1 1/4 cups of cream until stiff, so peaks can be formed. Place whipped cream in stainless steel bowl and refrigerate.
  • Chop white chocolate into small pieces about the size of a peanut. In medium stainless steel mixing bowl, place white chocolate.
  • On stovetop at medium heat setting, scald 1/2 cup cream in a metal saucepan, about 5 minutes.
  • While cream is being scalded, gently whisk the sugar into the egg yolks in a heatproof bowl. Whisk just enough so the eggs are slightly beaten.
  • As soon as the cream becomes scalded, pour half of the scalded cream in with the egg yolk mixture and whisk together. Then pour this mixture back into the pan with the remaining scalded cream.
  • Gently whisk the mixture as you cook over low heat until it thickens into a consistency that will coat the tongs on the whisk.
  • Empty hot contents from saucepan over white chocolate and whisk together; continue to whisk until the chocolate melts and mixture becomes creamy.
  • Allow contents to cool to room temperature.
  • Fold in whipped cream and cover with airtight cap or plastic wrap.
  • Refrigerate for 3 or 4 hours.
  • Locate small wax coated or cellophane bags that are square in shape when opened. The bags should be approximately 3 inches wide and tall enough to allow for 4 inches in height. Small popcorn bags or hot dog serving bags work the best. However, some coffee bags can be found at the coffee bean counter in grocery stores that can also be used, but due to the larger dimensions, they may need to be cut down in size. Also, a waxy pastry bag that many bakeries or donut stores use for pastries sold over the counter can be used. Some small cellophane bags from candy stores can also be used.
  • Fold 1 to 2 inches of the top edge of the bag outward (45º angle from sides) to create a lip at the desired height (approximately 4 inches above the bottom of bag). The lip will be used to handle the bags when removing the paper from the chocolate.
  • Place the bags on a flat baking sheet or plate that can be refrigerated.
  • Using a double boiler, heat water in bottom pan on medium heat until simmering.
  • Chop dark chocolate into small pieces, similar in size to a peanut. Add chocolate to top pan and allow to melt at a temperature of approximately 89ºF as measured on a candy thermometer.
  • Use a pastry brush and begin coating the inside of the bags thoroughly with the melted chocolate. Apply two coatings to the sides and allow the drippings from the side coating to coat the bottom or add a coating to the bottom.
  • Place coated bags in freezer for a minimum of several hours, the longer the better to set up the chocolate.
  • When ready to separate the paper bag from the chocolate, begin by gently tearing the lip and removing the bag around the coating, lightly pulling it away in a circular manner.
  • The finished chocolate bags can then be placed in the refrigerator if they are to be filled and served within 4 hours or placed in the freezer if to be served more than 4 hours later. Thaw in the refrigerator before serving.
  • An hour prior to serving, fill bags with white chocolate mousse and garnish with raspberries or strawberries. Refrigerate until serving.
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