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Made to improve the flavor of baked potatoes, this kitchen utensil is a unique tool for microwave baking. The Potato Baking Bag is designed for use in microwaves for preparing any type of baked potato, such as a white, red or sweet potato (yam). Basically, the purpose of this Bag is to provide a more moist and fully cooked potato with a tender outer skin and a fluffy inner flesh.

The Bag is fully enclosed with an open slit for inserting the potato. Constructed of cotton cloth, the Potato Baking Bag can be made at home by sewing materials together or it can be purchased from companies who produce the bag. Typically, the Bag is made approximately 8 inches long by 10 inches wide in order to allow from 1 to 4 potatoes to be baked together. The suggested materials used in constructing the bag are 100% cotton which have an ability to withstand microwave temperatures. Although the materials can be flamable, they are similar to other materials used in microwaves such as paper towels or paper plates that always have a chance of igniting, so caution in using excessive heat is always advised.

Prior to baking, the potatoes are washed and pat dried with a paper or cloth towel. It is important when preparing, to not prick any holes in the potatoes, such as is done prior to baking potatoes in the oven. Each potato is then wrapped in a paper towel and placed into the bag. Since the power levels and baking processes are different for each type of microwave, the time required to bake the potatoes will vary for each microwave oven. However, as a general rule bake white potatoes from 6 to 10 minutes and sweet potatoes for 30 seconds to 1 minute less than the white potato. Some microwaves may require baking longer than 10 minutes if the temperature levels of the microwave are not as powerful as some of the more recently manufactured microwave ovens, so testing is advised. After baking, simply allow the Potato Baking Bag to air dry.

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