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black cat cake template Article
Black Cat Cake Template The template below is not actual size but shows how the layers are used to create the cat. The larger circles at the left represent the two cake layers.
black cat cake Article
A Halloween Black Cat Cake that is sure to get the attention of all the little ghosts and goblins at your Halloween celebration. You will have as much fun making this fun cake as the kids will have eating it. It has a simple pattern and is easy to decorate. The little ghosts and goblins will probably want to help. It is the perfect project to get them excited for Halloween.
flag cake Article
Create this Flag Cake by adding the stars and stripes on your favorite cake using fresh strawberries and blueberries--a great way to display the red, white, and blue in honor of Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or Veteran's Day. This Flag Cake is sure to attract everyone's attention at any of your special celebrations.
rainbow cake Article
When you cut into this Rainbow cake you get an extra surprise. Not only is the frosting rainbow colored but the cake is too. This makes a fun birthday cake for kids or just a special treat anytime of the year.
barbie doll cake Article
This Barbie Doll cake is perfect for any little girl's special party. Whether it is for her birthday or to celebrate any other special occasion, this Barbie Doll cake will surely make her feel extra special. It is also a fun project for her help create. Let her pick out her favorite colors and have her add some of the decorations.
halloween pumpkin cake Article
This Jack-O-Lantern-style pumpkin cake is a great way to get the kids in the spirit of Halloween. It is an easy project to have them join in and help. They will have fun creating their own unique face and will love adding the little spiders to the pumpkin cake.
softball cupcakes or cake Article
All your softball players and fans will enjoy these fun softball cupcakes or softball cake to celebrate a special win. Colored frosting and trimmed with laces, they are simple to decorate and sure to be a big hit. The softball cupcakes or cake are perfect for birthdays or to celebrate the win of a special game!
host a holiday cookie swap Article
The holidays are all about celebrating with friends and family and enjoying homemade baking. With the holidays being so busy, its difficult to make everything from scratch. Why not host a party, inviting over a few close friends, and bake together, stocking your freezer with a delicious assortment of cookies and bars without spending several days in the kitchen?
football cake Article
Football season is the perfect times to make a football cake for your football fans. It is easy to create and decorate this cake by starting with a round cake. All that is needed is a round cake, chocolate frosting, and a little white frosting. This football cake is perfect for a birthday or a championship victory celebration. It would also make a great dessert for a Super Bowl or tailgating party.
baseball cake Article
Spring and summer are perfect times to make a baseball cake for your favorite baseball fan. This cake is very simple to decorate and is sure to be a big hit. All that is needed is red shoe-string licorice and chocolate shapes for decorations. This baseball cake is perfect for birthdays or to celebrate the win of a special game!
forked frosting design Article
This is a very simple frosting design pattern but should be used with a thicker type of frosting, such as cream cheese frosting. The pattern would not hold up very well on a light fluffy frosting. The design makes for a simple background that is nice for other decorating to be added. It can also be used as a simple finish on its own.
meringue frosting Article
Meringue Frosting is made by whipping egg whites and sugar together to create a light and fluffy frosting. The meringue frosting is used to frost cakes and cupcakes but is also used as a piping to decorate desserts. A pastry bag is used with a star, fluted, or plain nozzle to create rosettes, strips of piping, nests, and other decorative designs on cakes, cupcakes, and many other types of desserts. Meringue frosting can also be added to pies and tarts and then cooked in a hot oven for a short period of time to give it a browned, crisp outer surface with a soft fluffy inside.
ganache frosting Article
Ganache Frosting is a type of frosting that does not require any additional decorating unless desired. It provides an elegant finish to the cake on its own. It is typically used as a glaze, which is poured over a single layer chocolate cake, providing a shiny, delightfully rich looking cake. If desired, you can add an additional decorative touch by drizzling with chocolate, adding chocolate curls, topping with strawberries or raspberries or whatever you feel is appropriate for the occasion.
asparagus and cancer Article
Asparagus may help reduce the risks of some cancers. When faced with the potential of cancer, asparagus is most likely not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, some research indicates that consuming asparagus can help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.
steamed asparagus Article
Steamed asparagus is easy to make. Steamed asparagus is quick and extremely simple to make, and is a delicious and healthful seasonal vegetable. Lightly steaming asparagus leaves it tender but not mushy, and with all its nutrients intact.
grilling asparagus Article
Grilling asparagus is fast, easy and delicious, requiring very little oil and just a sprinkle of salt to bring out the full flavor. Even people who dislike asparagus when it's been steamed often like it quite a bit when it's grilled.
baking asparagus Article
Baking asparagus is quick and easy; oven-roasting brings out the natural sweetness of vegetables and asparagus has a lot of sweetness to highlight. You can have a fantastic side dish in about 15 minutes, counting prep time.
cooking with asparagus Article
Cooking with asparagus can range from recipes prepared in the oven, on the stove top, on the grill or even in the microwave. Utilizing various cooking methods can offer diverse and appetizing flavors all from the same bunch of asparagus.
white asparagus Article
White asparagus is sweeter and milder than green asparagus. White asparagus is popular in Europe; in the U.S., it's a more of a specialty item. Look for it at farmer's markets or the produce section of gourmet grocery stores.
asparagus crowns Article
Fresh organic asparagus grown from an asparagus crown   Growing asparagus from asparagus crowns can be an easy and fun way to harvest your own fresh and organic varieties of this healthy green vegetable.
growing asparagus Article
Once established, asparagus will produce delicious spears year after year. Plant once, harvest forever: growing asparagus gives you a perennial vegetable that can provide you with a bounty of delicious stalks for many years, once it's established.
asparagus plants Article
Buying, planting and growing fresh organic asparagus is not a task for only the greenest of green thumbs. With the right know how and start up, any level of gardener can be a successful asparagus grower.
how to cook spinach Article
From fresh salads to sautéed side dishes, spinach makes a nutritious addition to any meal and cooking spinach is easy to do. Look for creative ways to use this leafy green vegetable in pasta, soup, casserole or other main dishes.
spinach leaves Article
Fresh spinach leaves should be green in color with no brown spots. Spinach leaves are an incredibly versatile vegetable with many delicious uses. Selecting, preparing, and even growing your own fresh spinach leaves can be a simple task that results in a healthy nutritious addition to any meal.
halloween decorations - icky bugs Article
Water Bugs and Roaches Water Bugs Ingredients: Makes 5 Bugs 5 Kalamata olives 30 long fresh rosemary leaves 10 short fresh rosemary leaves These have just enough zippy flavor that you might stick out your tongue and hope for more.
Top 250 articles found
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