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When it comes to the final stage of cake decorating and cupcake decorating there are an unlimited number of options. The cakes and cupcakes can be decorated with a simple frosting design, decorative flowers, borders and other patterns, a character theme, or elaborate designs.

The frosting designs included here are simple designs that you can use to create a great looking cake without a lot of effort. When using these designs to decorate your cake, realize that some designs will work better when using certain frosting types than others. For example, a lighter, fluffier frosting may not work as well when using a design that needs to hold a definite shape, such as a wavy line or a circled ridges frosting design. But the same type of frosting may provide a softer touch to a swirled design giving the cake a different appearance that if a stiffer frosting recipe was used with the same design. You may have to experiment a little to determine which designs work the best with different types of frosting.

The cake decorating ideas below shows how to create some simple designs and use decorative methods to get you started creating great looking cakes for any special occasion.

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