Temperature Conversion

Use this quick calculator to convert it for you:

Fahrenheit Celsius
-40°F -40°C
-22°F -30°C
-20°F -28.9°C
-10°F -23.3°C
-4°F -20°C
0°F -17.8°C
10°F -12.2°C
14°F -10°C
20°F -6.7°C
30°F -1.1°C
32°F 0°C
40°F 4.4°C
50°F 10°C
60°F 15.6°C
68°F 20°C
70°F 21.1°C
80°F 26.7°C
86°F 30°C
90°F 32.2°C
100°F 37.8°C
Fahrenheit Celsius
104°F 40°C
110°F 43.3°C
120°F 48.9°C
122°F 50°C
130°F 54.4°C
140°F 60°C
150°F 65.6°C
158°F 70°C
160°F 71.1°C
170°F 76.7°C
176°F 80°C
180°F 82.2°C
190°F 87.8°C
194°F 90°C
200°F 93.3°C
210°F 98.9°C
212°F 100°C
220°F 104.4°C
230°F 110°C
240°F 115.6°C
Fahrenheit Celsius
248°F 120°C
250°F 121°C
260°F 126.7°C
266°F 130°C
270°F 132.2°C
280°F 137.8°C
284°F 140°C
290°F 143.3°C
300°F 149°C
302°F 150°C
310°F 154.4°C
320°F 160°C
330°F 165.6°C
338°F 170°C
340°F 171.1°C
350°F 176.7°C
356°F 180°C
360°F 182.2°C
370°F 187.8°C
Fahrenheit Celsius
374°F 190°C
380°F 193.3°C
390°F 198.9°C
392°F 200°C
400°F 204.4°C
410°F 210°C
420°F 215.6°C
428°F 220°C
430°F 221.1°C
440°F 226.7°C
446°F 230°C
450°F 232.2°C
460°F 237.7°C
462°F 240°C
470°F 243.3°C
480°F 248.9°C
482°F 250°C
490°F 254.4°C
500°F 260°C

Here is how to do the math on your own:

To convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius
To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit

Subtract 32°
Divide the result by 9
Multiply by 5

Example: convert 98.6° Fahrenheit to Celsius.
98.6 - 32 = 66.6
66.6 / 9 = 7.4
7.4 x 5 = 37
therefore, 98.6°F is equal to 37°C

Multiply by 9
Divide by 5
Add 32

Example: convert 37° Celsius to Fahrenheit
37 x 9 = 333
333 / 5 = 66.6
66.6 + 32 = 98.6
therefore, 37°C is equal to 98.6°F


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