Turkey Sausages

Turkey Sausages

Sausage made of turkey meat is much lower in fat than sausages made from other types of meat. Turkey sausages are flavored with numerous herbs and spices. Some varieties are smoked and others are not. The varieties of turkey sausage include bratwurst, salami, and bologna.

Turkey Bratwurst

A sausage made with a combination of ground turkey and several spices, such as caraway, nutmeg, and ginger. Traditional bratwurst, which is German in origin, is made with pork and veal. Turkey bratwurst is a popular alternative to traditional bratwurst because of its low fat content. It is most often available fresh, so it must be well cooked before it is served. Turkey bratwurst is best when it is grilled, fried, broiled, or baked.

Turkey Salami

A sausage made from ground dark turkey meat, flavored with garlic and other seasonings, and cured to make it safe for eating. The meat is processed, cured, air-dried, and wrapped in a casing. It is course and dry in texture and varies in size and shape. It is generally sliced and eaten as is or served with crackers or bread. Turkey salami contains approximately 50 percent less fat than regular salami.

Turkey Bologna

Bologna is a type of mildly flavored sausage that originated in Bologna, Italy. It is traditionally made from beef and pork, but finely ground light and dark turkey meat, also referred to as MDM or mechanically deboned turkey, is now used as a popular low-fat alternative to beef and pork bologna. Turkey bologna is seasoned, processed, and cured in the same manner as other types of bologna. It is generally sliced and eaten as a snack or with crackers or bread.

Smoked Turkey Sausage

Smoked turkey sausage is a type of lean sausage produced from ground turkey and is seasoned, smoked, and sold in a variety of sizes ranging from small link size portions to rings of sausage measuring approximately 12 inches in length.

Turkey Hot Dog

A turkey product made from finely ground light and dark turkey meat that is mechanically deboned from the turkey. Turkey hot dogs are seasoned, cured, and smoked in the same manner as pork and beef hot dogs. They are also referred to as "turkey frankfurters."


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