Pork - Steaks

Pork Steaks

Steaks are individual cuts that are generally sliced from cuts that are used as roasts. They are most often sliced from roasts such as blade Boston roast, center loin roast, sirloin roast, and the fresh ham roast. They will vary in leanness and flavor depending on the section from which they are cut. Some of the pork steaks are available pre-seasoned.

Pork Blade Steaks

The blade steaks are cut from the blade Boston roast or the shoulder blade roast. Like the roasts, the steaks are flavorful and contain significant amount of fat to keep them moist while cooking. Because the blade steak is cut from an active muscle location on the pig, it will be less tender. Also referred to as pork steak.

Arm Steaks

The arm steaks are sliced from the picnic (arm) roast. They are rich in flavor but contain more fat than the pork blade steaks. Like the blade steak, the arm steak is cut from an active muscle location on the pig, which results in a cut that is less tender. The arm steak is available smoked or fresh.

Fresh Ham Steaks

The fresh ham steaks are cut from the middle of the leg primal cut. They are flavorful and fairly lean but are generally tough due to their location in an active muscle of the pig.

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