Pork - Chops

Pork Chops

Chops are smaller cuts from the loin primal cut. They are individual serving cuts that are sliced to various thicknesses. Depending in the size of the chop, 1 or 2 chops may be served as a single serving. Single chops may vary from ½" to 1 ½" thick and double rib chops may be as thick as 2 inches. The thickness chosen will depend on how they will be prepared and the appetites to be satisfied. They are available fresh, smoked and bone-in or boneless, varying in quality and composition according to their location on the loin. At times they can be found precooked, ready to heat and serve, and also pre-stuffed.

Blade Chops

Chops that are cut from the shoulder end of the loin. They are very juicy and flavorful but contain more fat, gristle and bone than the other chops and have a tendency to be tough.

Rib Chops

The rib chops are located next to the blade chops at the rib end of the loin. They contain some fat but are tender, juicy and very flavorful. The rib chop, the loin chop and the center cut chop are the most preferred and the most expensive chops.

Loin Chops

They are located in the middle of the loin as part of the center cut subprimal with part of the tenderloin included with it. When the tenderloin section is not included with this chop it is called a center cut chop (sometimes called top loin chops). The loin chop and the center cut chop are very tender and contain little fat but are not quite as flavorful and juicy as the rib chops. The chops have a t-shaped bone similar to a t-bone steak. Loin chops, center cut chops, and rib chops are the more popular chops.

Sirloin Chops

Chops that are cut from the sirloin end of the loin, which is the end closest to the leg. The sirloin chop is a lean cut that contains part of the tenderloin but it is not very flavorful. It also contains more bone than the other chops and has a tendency to be dry. It is one of the least preferred and least expensive of all the chops.

Butterfly Chops

A double chop, generally cut from a boneless loin, which has been cut through the middle from one side to the other side, stopping short of cutting all the way through. The chop is then opened up and laid out flat, forming a butterfly shape. It provides a very appealing cut for those special occasions.

Boneless Chops

Rib and loin chops are available in boneless cuts and in various thicknesses. The boneless cuts provide convenience in preparation and eating, but are generally slightly more expensive that the bone in cuts.

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