Bread Bowl

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A food presentation method that is often created and used as a food wrap for serving various foods. Typically formed from round loaves of bread, a Bread Bowl may be made to serve food for a gathering of people or for individual servings of main meals. Smaller loaves of bread and large buns, such as ciabatta rolls are often used for making Bread Bowls for individual servings. Larger bread bowls are commonly made from loaves of ryebread, wheat bread and sourdough bread for multiple servings of more than one person. Bread Bowls are often used to serve dips such as spinach dip, stews, chili, and casserole dishes.

To make a Bread Bowl, cut around the top portion of the loaf in a circular pattern. Point the knife downward and at an angle so the bowl being created slopes down and toward the center of the loaf. Be careful not to cut through the bread as the top is being cut and removed. Pull off the top, cutting away any part holding onto the bread crumb. The bowl of the bread can then be formed.

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