Brown Sugar Softener

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A utensil or process to keep Brown Sugar from hardening. Brown Sugar easily becomes lumpy as the moisture is removed from the sugar and it dries. Therefore, it is best to store Brown Sugar in airtight containers, such as a jar (plastic or glass) or a durable plastic bag. As Brown Sugar hardens, it is helpful to consider methods to add moisture to the granules in order to keep it soft and easily workable.

A small clay disk referred to as a Brown Sugar Softener is often used as a moisturizing utensil to keep the sugar soft. The disk is soaked with water by placing it in a bowl of water and letting it absorb moisture for 15 to 30 minutes. The disk is then towel dried so it is not dripping water as it is placed in the middle of the Brown Sugar contents. Months later when the sugar begins to harden the soaking process is repeated.

Other methods to add moisture and soften brown sugar include the following:

  • Place the sugar in a bowl and either lay a damp cloth directly on the sugar or lay the cloth on a piece of aluminum foil that is placed over the sugar where it can remain for several hours;
  • Place the sugar in a plastic bag and add an apple wedge allowing it to remain in the bag for a day or two until the sugar softens.
  • Use a blender or food processor to soften the hardened sugar granules.
  • Place the sugar in a stovetop pan or in a microwave safe bowl and heat it until it softens. However, if the heat is applied use caution so the heat does not melt the sugar.
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