Salad Bowl

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Commonly made as a large round and somewhat shallow sided bowl, this piece of kitchenware is designed to hold a sizable volume of salad greens. Most often produced from wood, glass, plastic, or stainless steel, the traditional Salad Bowl provides enough space so the greens and other salad ingredients can be tossed and tumbled to adequately coat the entire salad with dressing. When cleaning a Salad Bowl after use, either damp wash or wash with a minimal amount of water and soap so it does not harm the surface of the bowl. Dry the washed Bowl immediately and allow it to air dry for a short period of time prior to placing it in an enclosed cupboard.

Wooden Salad Bowls will typically be either pre-finished with a varnish that repels water or hand finished with seasoning oil. Seasoning oils, such as mineral oil or walnut oil, can be used to preserve the wood. There are also products that contain mineral oil or walnut oil along with beeswax, which adds extra durability. If using walnut oil, there is a chance that someone allergic to nuts may be affected if they are exposed to the bowl. Although findings have not been conclusive about the affects it may have, it is something to keep in mind. Vegetable oil or olive oil would work to season the wooden bowl but they are not recommended because they can turn rancid. To hand finish bowls made of unfinished wood; gently rub the inner surface of the Salad Bowl with a light coating of oil. The oil seasoning helps to keep water and oils from penetrating into the wood, which may over time cause bowls to crack as they dry out. Another form of seasoning to some chefs refers to the process of rubbing the inside of the salad bowl with an herb or fresh garlic to enhance the flavor of the salad being made in the bowl. Then after the salad is served, the bowl is washed to remove the garlic or herb seasoned rub.

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