Garlic Baker

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A kitchen utensil that is used as a "pot" for baking garlic bulbs. Although there are garlic pots that are made specifically to store garlic, some garlic bakers are used as storage devices if constructed of a material such as terracotta that absorbs moisture and if the device has a way to circulate air so mold does not begin to grow on the garlic. Garlic pots built for storage most often will contain sets of holes that keep air to circulating around the garlic but generally garlic bakers and garlic pots are two separate utensils.

Typically made of a ceramic material, the baker is constructed with a base and a dome-shaped lid. While the base is glazed for ease of clean-up, the remaining surface area of the container is porous to allow the steam and moisture to be held and circulate within the lid to allow the sugar in the roasting garlic to caramelize. The open space in the lid enables more moisture to accumulate thus improving the results when roasting the garlic to be spread on bread or to be used in soups and sauces.

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