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A container that is built for the purpose of storing garlic cloves or bulbs. Small and most often round in shape with a loosely fitted top, the garlic pot can be placed in a kitchen area on a counter for ease of access. Garlic pots are typically made of a porous material such as terracotta or ceramic, with holes formed around the bottom area of the pot to allow air to evenly circulate. The porous material combined with the air circulation and the darkened environment helps to eliminate the possibility of mold growing on the garlic or the garlic cloves sprouting new green shoots. The pot may have a large domed lid with a small circular bottom or be made more like a pot with a large round base containing a small lid. Either type works effectively as a storage device for garlic to allow air to enter while keeping out light.

At times sold as another alternative for storage is a garlic baker, which is used most often for oven roasting garlic rather than storing garlic. However, some garlic bakers are advertised to accomplish both storing and baking, so it is best to check the design, consider the options desired such as moisture control, and choose a device to effectively accomplish the tasks desired for the pot.

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