Sopapilla (Bread)

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A Mexican fried pastry originating in regions of northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S. Sopapilla, which is considered to be a quick bread in some recipes and a pastry in others, is deep fried to create a puffed up, crispy outer texture that is airy and open on the inside. Similar to a tortilla, the sopapilla is made with flour, a leavening agent, salt, and fat. When served, it often accompanies the main dish or can become a main dish or can be served as a dessert. If served as sweet bread or unfilled pastry to accompany the main dish, it is typically garnished with syrup or honey and cinnamon or powdered sugar. When the open center is filled with ingredients, it becomes a food wrap for foods such as beef, poultry, refritos, rice, cheese, and beans that can be served as a main dish. Or when served as a sweet dessert bread, the sopapilla can be filled with fruits or cream fillings and topped with sweet sauces or pureed fruit.

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