Papadum Bread

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Traditional cracker bread common in India that is most often served as a complement to a main dish, but also used as a snack or appetizer to be topped with chutney, various dips or salsas. Formed into various sized diamaters, Papadum may be made small in size for snacks or larger in size to be used as a food wrap. Typically, this cracker bread is prepared using black gram bean flour, rice flour, or lentil flour with salt and peanut oil added. The ingredients are made into a dough, similar to a tortilla, that is formed into a thin, round shape to be cooked, grilled or fried, making it either soft and moist or crisp in texture. As the dough is prepared, the Papadum can be seasoned with a variety of different ingredients such as chilies, cumin, garlic, lentils, pepper, or other spices.

This cracker bread may also be referred to as an Indian wafer, a lentil chip, or any of the following: papad, papadam, papaddam, papadom, papadum, papodam, papodom, papodum, popadam, popadom, popadum, poppadam, poppadom, poppadum, poppodam, poppodom, poppodum, puppadam, puppadom, puppadum, puppodam, puppodom, and puppodum.

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