Cracker Bread

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A crisp textured flatbread that is typically thin and small in size, often formed into a round, square, or rectangular shape. Cracker breads have been traditional foods in Mediterranean countries as well as other countries, and are now commonly available throughout the world. Available in a wide variety of different variations, this bread or cracker as it may also be called, typically becomes classified as a bread if it is larger in size or a cracker if smaller. However, some countries such as those in Scandanavia may call it "brot" or knäckebrot" a term for bread while in United Kingdom or the United States it may be thought of as a cracker. Another term commonly used for the cracker version of this bread is crispbread or lahvosh. Readily available in food stores and ethnic markets, cracker breads are often served as snacks, appetizers, or to accompany salads and other food dishes.

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