Pastry Bag

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A cone shaped bag that has a small opening on one end and a large opening on the opposite end. The small opening is the decorating end that generally has different tips that can be interchanged to create different decorative shapes. The large end is used for filling the bag with a mass of soft food, such as frosting, filling, whipped cream, or dough. The bag is squeezed to force the contents out the decorative tip. The bags are made of different types of material, such as plastic, polyester, nylon, and plastic lined canvas or cotton. The pastry bag is used along with a coupler and decorative tips, which allows you to create different types of designs when decorating. The coupler consists of two sections, the base and the ring. The decorative tips are attached using the coupler. The ingredients are then pushed through the bag down to the decorative tip which forms different shapes as it passes through the tip. Pastry bags and tips are used for forming pastries and cookies, for decorating cakes and cookies, and for filling a variety of pastries such as cream puffs, eclairs, or doughnuts, such as Bismarks. This utensil can be found in gourmet shops, specialty kitchen stores and in the kitchenware area of some department stores.

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