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Welcome Autumn

Weekly Meal Plan: Welcome Autumn  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Deep Dish French Toast

deep dish french toast

Filled with fruit and nuts, this recipe has a combinatin of flavors and has a slightly crunchy texture. It is a great French toast to fix when planning a brunch because it is made ahead of time, leaving more time for other brunch recipes to be prepared just before serving.


Slow Cooker Beef Roast

slow cooker beef roast

This beef roast is prepared using a slow cooker recipe that creates a tender beef roast with flavorful juices that are used to make a delicious gravy. There are many slow cooker meat recipes that provide you with a great tasting main course.

Day 2


Turkey Shepherd Pie

turkey shepherd pie

Using ground turkey meat, this variation of the traditional English favorite is a complete meal filled with meat, potatoes, and vegetables.
Baked Apples with Cranberries and Figs

baked apples with cranberries and figs

A great tasting finale for any meal but especially during the Fall season.

Day 3


Slow Cooker Quick and Easy Pork Chops

slow cooker quick and easy pork chops

Try this slow cooker recipe for cooking pork chops that are so tender the meat will fall off the bones. You will never have dried out meat again when preparing these slow cooker pork chops.
Noodle Popovers

noodle popovers

Unique pasta popover that is golden brown and crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. This pasta recipe makes a great side dish for many meals. Try serving it with a burger instead of fries, your family will love the change.
Broccoli Side Dish

broccoli side dish

A low carb side dish that goes together in minutes.

Day 4


Pepperoni Sausage Lasagna

pepperoni sausage lasagna

This American classic dish offers a different twist with the addition of pepperoni.
Garlic Bread

garlic bread

Great addition to any meal.
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caesar salad

Served with warm crusty bread, this salad makes a great summer meal. Or serve it next to your favorite pasta dish. Don't be scared of the anchovies they add an amazing salty flavor.

Day 5


Grilled Cuban Sandwich

grilled cuban sandwich

Wonderful combination of flavors that is easy to make and a great way to use turkey and ham leftovers.
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broccoli vegetable cheese soup

Day 6


Pizza Burgers

pizza burgers

These were a favorite of mine when I was growing up, now I make them for my family and they love them as well.
Slow Cooker Cheddar Green Beans

slow cooker cheddar green beans

This dish will be a great complement to any meal, with the great flavor of the cheddar green beans and the interesting texture of the water chestnuts.

Day 7


Scrambled Eggs

scrambled eggs

This traditional breakfast meal served everyday, everywhere is always a favorite for all ages.
Oatmeal Pumpkin Muffins

oatmeal pumpkin muffins

Try these healthy pumpkin-flavored muffins for breakfast as a great start to your day or for a tasty afternoon snack. See how to make these muffins extra special by making your own pumpkin puree from a fresh pumpkin.


Cheesy Mushroom Meatloaf

cheesy mushroom meatloaf

With the addition of cheese in this meatloaf recipe the result is a more savory and rich flavor than most meatloaf meals.
Mashed Cauliflower

mashed cauliflower

A great alternative to your basic mashed potatoes.
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