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April 17 - 23, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan: April 17 - 23, 2016  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Parmesan Crusted Lemon Chicken

parmesan crusted lemon chicken

Pounded chicken is quick to cook when tight on time. Pan searing the chicken creates a crispy crust and a moist interior. The hint of lemon is perfect. Serve this with a green vegetable and some crusty bread.
Rice Pilaf with Pasta

rice pilaf with pasta

Tired of plain white rice? Try this homemade rice pilaf. Browning the pasta adds a nuttly flavor and the broth flavors it even more. This is a great side dish for any meal.
Nutty Brussels Sprouts

nutty brussels sprouts

Once you get over the childhood fright after the mention of "Brussels Sprouts", you'll find they are a vegetable you want more often than special occasions. Versatile and delicious, these little morsels are delicious, especially when paired with pine nuts and garlic.
Cherry Banana Fruit Salad

cherry banana fruit salad

A pretty pink salad that is full of cherry flavor and sweet bananas.

Day 2


Pork Chop  Gravy Casserole

pork chop & gravy casserole

An easy to prepare pork chop casserole that creates a delicious gravy that is good drizzled over toast, noodles, or mashed potatoes.
Simple Oven Roasted Broccoli

simple oven roasted broccoli

Keep the vegetables simple but make the interesting. Roasting the broccoli brings out a little extra flavor. Seasonsed just perfectly, you'll never steam them again.
Moms Banana Bread

mom's banana bread

The little bit of buttermilk gives this banana bread that tang that you've always remembered your mom having in her banana bread. It's moist and delicious. This bread will freeze perfectly too, if you have any leftover.
Heavenly Chocolate Cream Pie

heavenly chocolate cream pie

Who knew that something so creamy and delicious could be so easy to make. If you need to whip up a dessert quick, this pie is it, where you'll have most of the ingredients on hand already.

Day 3


Chili Brats

chili brats

Combine two great tastes for one sandwich that is loaded with flavor. Use leftover homemade chili to make this brat a sure-fire hit.
Macaroni Cabbage Salad

macaroni cabbage salad

This macaroni salad feeds an army and is budget friendly. Great salad to bring to a potluck or entertaining guests on the patio.
Grannas Green Beans

granna's green beans

Day 4


Northwestern Steak

northwestern steak

Filet mignon is perfect for this recipe, but any type of steak will also work well.
Garlic Roast Potatoes

garlic roast potatoes

Now this potato side dish recipe is just a guide. You can season as your household prefers. You could also leave the peels on to save some time. Serve them with ketchup and sour cream for a real treat.
Greek Vegetable Salad Jenny Craig

greek vegetable salad (jenny craig)

This tasty salad has the perfect vegetable combination. The red wine vinegar and oregano give this dressing a little zing. Serve this beside any pasta dish or add chicken or shrimp to make this a meal.
Moist Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting

moist chocolate cake with fudge frosting

Moist and full of chocolate flavor, this cake is perfect for those who love chocolate cake and a big glass of milk. This delicious chocolate cake will have you coming back for seconds.

Day 5


Ham and Potato Soup

ham and potato soup

Easy to make and full of flavor, this potato soup recipe is a great way to use some of your leftover ham. It makes a nice warm and hearty meal that is sure to be a hit with your family.
Baking Powder Drop Biscuits

baking powder drop biscuits

Quick and easy to make, these biscuits make a nice addition to any meal.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

You'll never want to buy store-bought cookies again after you've tried this easy-to-make cookie recipe that combines the flavors of peanut butter and chocolate in one tasty treat.

Day 6


Tilapia Parmesan

tilapia parmesan

Light and tasty whitefish that is moist and full of flavor. Perfect for a quick evening meal.
Moms Potato Cakes

mom's potato cakes

Ever wonder what to do with those leftover mashed potatoes instead of shepherd's pie? Try frying them up. They are a perfect side dish for pork or poultry. A simple pan sauce is great served on these.
Glazed Snap Peas

glazed snap peas

Sugar snap peas filled with flavor. Even if you love them just plain, you'll love those vegetables even more with this spicy honey glaze over the top of them.
KFC Cole Slaw

kfc cole slaw

A tasty cole slaw recipe with a sweet and creamy dressing. Perfect side dish for serving with your favorite sandwich, fish, chicken, or any other entree.

Day 7


Parmesan Herb Shrimp

parmesan herb shrimp

Make a quick, flavorful shrimp sauté with Parmesan Herb Seasoning, white wine and parsley flakes.
Oven Roasted Broccoli 3

oven roasted broccoli 3

Simply seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper, this roasted broccoli will be a hit. Don't overcook so that the broccoli gets mushy, keep it crisp tender.
Mandarin Orange Lettuce Salad with Carmelized Almonds

mandarin orange lettuce salad with carmelized almonds

Caramelized almonds are a crispy addition to this salad. Great salad for entertaining.
Lava Cakes

lava cakes

Chocolate lovers will be dazzled with the rich chocolate filling erupting from the center of these terrific single serving chocolate cakes. For more recipes to satisfy that chocolate craving, see our delectable collection of chocolate recipes.
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