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June 28 - July 4, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan: June 28 - July 4, 2015  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Easy Grilled Beef Roast

easy grilled beef roast

A marinated roast beef that is grilled to perfection. This is an easy way to prepare a roast for dinner any night of the week. The simple marinate allows the true flavor of the beef roast to come through.
Creamed Peas and Potatoes

creamed peas and potatoes

Two vegetable favorites are combined in this creamy dish that can be enjoyed as an accompaniment for roasted meat or as a hearty, vegetarian main meal.
Quick and Easy Fruit Salad

quick and easy fruit salad

An easy throw together salad that goes great with any meal. The kids will love the fruit and whipped topping combination.
Raspberry Nectarine Cake

raspberry nectarine cake

A wonderful dessert using fresh fruit of the season.

Day 2


Notes: The French dressing can be served with iceberg or romaine lettuce. It also goes well on mixed greens.
Crockpot Lasagna

crockpot lasagna

A slower cooker pasta dish that you'll be amazed at how tasty it is. Full of flavor and easy to make.
French Dressing for Lettuce

french dressing for lettuce

Be sure to use the onion juice that you get when grating the onion. This salad dressing will soon become a staple around your house. It is delicious and couldn't be any easier.
Special French Bread

special french bread

This bread is perfect served beside pasta. Foil wrapped bread is a great time saver that you can have ready and refrigerate until baking.
Easy Fruit Punch

easy fruit punch

A quick and simple way to add some sparkle to your beverage for lunch, supper, or anytime in between. The kids love the little sparkle this adds to their punch.

Day 3


Turkey Tenderloins

turkey tenderloins

Grilled turkey tenderloins are perfect to entertain with. The marinade these are in have a hint of Asian flavor and keep the turkey moist and tender. This marinade would also be wonderful on chicken.
Instant Cheese Potatoes

instant cheese potatoes

This recipe is a great way to add some extra flavor to instant potatoes. Your family won't settle for plain potatoes anymore.
Grandmothers Southern Style Green Beans

grandmother's southern style green beans

Nothing spared on this vegetable recipe, with bacon and everything. The green beans are sure to disappear quickly!

Day 4


Super Simple Sloppy Joes

super simple sloppy joes

This is a simple recipe that is perfect everytime. It is a great sandwich to serve for a quick supper on those busy nights.
Homemade Mac and Cheese

homemade mac and cheese

Creamy sauce that coats the noodles, whatever type you prefer, perfectly. Season with salt and pepper and serve it as the main dish or a side. Your kids will love you!
Family-Style Scalloped Corn

family-style scalloped corn

A basic scalloped corn casserole that will go nicely with any of your family meals. A corn casserole that has just the right creaminess to it and is full of great corn flavor.
Grandma Goldie Bars

grandma goldie bars

These scrumptious bars are made up of three layers of goodness. A crispy bottom is topped with a sweet creamy layer and finished off with a chocolate, peanut buttery layer to make a delicious bar that everyone loves.

Day 5


Chicken and Pasta Casserole

chicken and pasta casserole

Creamy and delicious, this pasta casserole will make your weeknight smooth and pleasant. Everyone in the family will love this from the crunchy topping to the creamy bottom.
Oven Roasted Broccoli with Parmesan

oven roasted broccoli with parmesan

Crispy breadcrumbs add that little bit of crunch that goes so perfectly with the crisp yet tender broccoli. Seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper, you'll make this vegetable over and over again.
Buttery Drop Biscuits

buttery drop biscuits

Easy to make baking powder biscuits with a buttery flavor. These biscuits are perfect for dipping in soups and stews or as a side to any casserole. They are a nice addition to any meal.

Day 6


Beef and Vegetable Skewers

beef and vegetable skewers

McCormick® Hot Shot! Pepper Blend gives beef spicy heat in these kabobs.
Gourmet Scalloped Potatoes

gourmet scalloped potatoes

Rich and delicious, these scalloped potatoes make a perfect side for any of your family meals. A nice side to chicken, fish, ham, beef, pork, or your favorite burger.
Romaine Salad Tossed with Blueberries

romaine salad tossed with blueberries

A light and crispy lettuce salad tossed with blueberries, cheese and nuts. Finished with a light coating of homemade poppy seed dressing this salad is the perfect side to any meal.

Day 7


Notes: This dinner menu was planned with a 4th of July celebration in mind. Try all these great recipes or scale the menu back according to how many you will be serving.
Grilled Beer Brats

grilled beer brats

Add a boost of flavor to your brats before you throw them on the grill. This recipe will add that little extra flavor that you didn't realize was missing. Add some of the beer boiled onions to top them off when serving the brats.
Homemade Hamburgers

homemade hamburgers

You'll never believe how juicy and delicious these burgers are! Full of flavor and perfect for grilling season. Top them off with your favorite burger toppings, like lettuce pickles and tomatoes.
Foil Roasted Sweet Corn

foil roasted sweet corn

Sweet grilled corn without the fight for the butter and salt at the dinner table. Its already buttered and seasoned! Add any of your favorite seasonings or Parmesan cheese to make it even more flavorful.
Slow Cooker Cowboy Beans

slow cooker cowboy beans

A potluck or a family dinner is a great place to serve these beans. Full of flavor and nutrition, this side dish will be loved by everyone involved.
Old-Style Potato Salad

old-style potato salad

This is a delicious old-fashioned potato salad like Grandma use to make. Remember how she always added radishes and bacon for that special flavor? Here is the recipe that will bring back those memories.
Red White  Blue Trifle

red, white & blue trifle

A yummy trifle dessert that is perfect for your Memorial Day, 4th of July, and any summer celebration. This sweet dessert is as delicious as it is colorful. It is a nice addition to any table.
Strawberry and Blueberry Parfait

strawberry and blueberry parfait

Strawberries, blueberries, and frozen yogurt make this delicious, colorful red, white and blue dessert. It is perfect for your 4th of July celebration or any special summer get together. You can find more summer fresh Blueberry Recipes on our site.
Star Spangled Fizzler

star spangled fizzler

Serve this easy and fun beverage for your 4th of July celebration. The kids will think this is a special treat made just for them. The flavor of the drink will change as the flavored ice cubes begin to melt.
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