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August 31 - September 6, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan: August 31 - September 6, 2014  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Buttery Grilled Chicken Legs

buttery grilled chicken legs

Yummy buttery chicken legs grilled until moist and tender with a crispy browned surface. So simple but it allows the original chicken taste to come through with a touch of buttery flavor.
Buttery Grilled Potatoes and Onions

buttery grilled potatoes and onions

Flavorful potatoes wrapped in foil and then grilled until crispy and delicious. The onion adds another boost of flavor even though they cook down to little or nothing.
Garlic green beans 5

garlic green beans 5

Garlic lovers are sure to love these buttery green beans. They are the perfect side dish for any meat. Be careful not to overcook as you don't want your beans to get mushy.
Cucumber Coleslaw

cucumber coleslaw

Cabbage and cucumbers make a perfect pair in this summertime coleslaw. Great to serve as a side to any of your summer grilled foods.
Sweet Peach Wontons

sweet peach wontons

Sweet filling with that warm cinnamon flavor. Perfect when served hot out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Day 2


Taco Pasta

taco pasta

Another great way to enjoy that great taco flavor. These taco-filled pasta shells are full of flavor and simple to make. They make a great weeknight meal when you don't have a lot of time to fuss over dinner.
Mexican Rice with Vegetables

mexican rice with vegetables

Tasty Mexican rice full of flavor from the vegetables. Fresh tomatoes make this rice extra special with just the right hint of spice from the Serrano chili.
Mexican Corn Bread

mexican corn bread

Day 3


Teriyaki Burgers

teriyaki burgers

The soy sauce and sugar in the burger mix adds a little Asian feel. And the burgers are so moist, you're going to love them.
Awesome Pasta Salad

awesome pasta salad

A large pasta salad that will definitely feed a crowd. With an antipasta feel, this Italian dressed salad will be a hit. Make if for a light lunch or as a side for your summer potluck.
Sweet Corn with Cilantro Butter

sweet corn with cilantro butter

Fresh sweet corn in season is the perfect side to any summer meal. Create this butter ahead of time to make this farm fresh vegetable even better. Serve it beside those grilled burgers to complete your meal.
Moist Banana Bars

moist banana bars

Very moist banana bars! This recipe is doubled because I like my bars more like cake!

Day 4


BLT Pizza

blt pizza

A twist on a classic. The buttery crust with the creamy sauce is delicious. Serve it as a meal or an appetizer.
Quick Pizza Breadsticks

quick pizza breadsticks

A fun appetizer to serve with pizza sauce while you are waiting for the pizza to get done. It also perfect as a side to spaghetti or lasagna.
Apple Crisp Pizza

apple crisp pizza

You will be torn between regular apple crisp and this pastry bottom apple crisp. Both are delicious but this has that light and flaky crust like a pie. It is absolutely delicious!

Day 5


Chicken Pasta Salad with Poppyseed Dressing

chicken pasta salad with poppyseed dressing

Great pasta salad recipe that doesn't take much time at all. Full of flavor and it's simply bottle dressing. Use if for a light summer meal or bring it to a potluck.
Cheesy French Bread

cheesy french bread

Broiled cheese over buttery bread with garlic flavor throughout. This is the perfect side to any pasta dish.
Triple Citrus Mojito Punch

triple citrus mojito punch

A cool and refreshing punch for a hot summer day. Oranges, lemons and limes flavored with some mint leaves give it just the right touch.

Day 6


Best Egg Rolls

best egg rolls

These egg rolls are better than Chinese takeout and easier than you think. Inside the crunchy wrapper is bursting with Asian flavor and crisp tender vegetables.
Fried Rice with Bacon

fried rice with bacon

Bacon seems like an odd ingredient to fried rice but it just might be the key. The bacon drippings flavor the rice perfectly, mixed with the soy sauce, peas and onions, you'll never have take-out again!
Stir Fry Vegetables

stir fry vegetables

Use fresh vegetables in season to prepare Stir-Fry Vegetables.

Day 7


Notes: This German Chocolate Frosting is delicious even on a boxed German Chocolate cake mix. No need to make one from scratch to enjoy this sweet, coconut frosting.
Peppered Rib Eye Steaks

peppered rib eye steaks

Perfectly grilled steak that are tender and juicy from the marbling on the ribeyes. The peppery rub adds just the right touch. Serve with sauteed mushrooms or caramelized onions.
Oven Roasted Cauliflower

oven roasted cauliflower

Seasoned and roasted for extra flavor, this cauliflower recipe offers an excellent side dish that can be served with many different main courses. Whether you serve it alongside steak, roast, or chicken, it will create the perfect flavor combination.
Twice Baked Potatoes with Cheese

twice baked potatoes with cheese

The crisply potato shells holding that creamy filling are an elegant side dish to your main entree. These potatoes could also be frozen and then thawed and baked up later.
Romaine Salad Tossed with Blueberries

romaine salad tossed with blueberries

A light and crispy lettuce salad tossed with blueberries, cheese and nuts. Finished with a light coating of homemade poppy seed dressing this salad is the perfect side to any meal.
German Chocolate Frosting

german chocolate frosting

A perfect topping for German chocolate cake.
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