Grill Great Left-Over Pizzas Recipe

Got Leftovers? Grill 'em Up Fast or a Great Left-Over Pizza I love left-overs especially for lunch and breakfast. When this beautiful piece of left-over steak was in our fridge, I looked up and saw a package of gourmet pizza crusts and it was a no brainer. In the time it takes to get the grill hot, you can have a beautiful leftover pizza pie ready to grill. Whats in your fridge?
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  • gourmet pizza crust
  • leftovers (steak, hamburger, chicken,etc.)
  • shredded Mozzarella
  • tomato sauce
  • barbecue sauce (optional)
  • olive oil
  • Use the backside of a flat cutting board to make the pizza and to slice on after grilling. You will also need a pizza cutter and a spatula to spread the sauce. Lightly oil the bottom side of the crust with olive oil or canola oil. The bottom side is flat. Pour sauce in center
  • Put 1 tablespoon pesto or your favorite hot sauce on top of the sauce. Swirl around the sauce with spoon or spatula Sprinkle cheese liberally.
  • Add LEFTOVERS and a bit more cheese on top!
Grilling GREAT Pizza with GrillGrates:
  • Keep grill temp BELOW 400F 350 F even 300F is plenty of heat to do the magic. Medium to Med/Low on dial. Charcoal- control heat by letting the coals burn past hottest point- Love the Big Green Egg for pizza!
  • SLIDE Pizza off the cutting board right onto the GrillGrates and close the lid
  • Use The GrateTool and take a peek at the grill marks e minutes into grilling. If they are dark black your are too hot, quarter turn the pizza and turn down the heat. If there is not much searing, close the lid for 2-3 more minutes before quarter turning. Quarter turn pizza using The GrateTool- gently lift the pie and spin it 90 degrees to get the ultimate searing and crispy crust.
  • Use The GrateTool to lift the grilled pizza onto the cutting board for cutting and serving
  • Cut into 1/8ths for meals and 1/16ths for appetizers for perfect finger food!
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